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"My Fellow South Africans,

At midnight tonight, it will be exactly two weeks since our country entered into an unprecedented nation-wide lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus. During the course of these last two weeks, your lives have been severely disrupted, you have suffered great hardship and endured much uncertainty.

We have closed our borders to the world, our children are not in school, businesses have closed their operations, many have lost their income, and our economy has ground to a halt."

These were the opening words of our President Cyril Ramaphosa as he addressed South Africans declaring the 2 week extension of the nationwide lockdown.

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Follow us for further commentary and updates regarding the COVID-19 extended lockdown.

Further to our digital conferences on the topic of COVID-19, IOE is convening a conference for the English-speaking Africa region on Thursday 9 April 2020 at 11:30 am Geneva time.

In the face of the COVID19 crisis, how are employers organisations and businesses in Africa continuing to build their resilience against existing and future crises?

This digital conference will review:

- What social and economic measures have been taken by the government?

- What has been the private sector’s reaction?

- Which sector has been hardest hit?

- How does informality and infrastructure hamper the response to COVID 19?

- How does this crisis compare to previous crises?

- What is the way forward for business?

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It has been a week since our world changed fundamentally. Many of you have continued to work, some from the office and some from home as you deliver essential services or continue with non-essential work from home; many of you may have unfortunately not been able to continue your work for various reasons. Nobody has escaped the impact, confusion, uncertainty and fears of the COVID 19 pandemic and the shutdown.

To read the BPESA Communique on Week 1 into COVID-19 lockdown click here

This Q&A constitutes guidelines from the PPGI for business during the lockdown. It is not an official document, but intended to bring some clarity to businesses at the current point in time. As per our previous communication, we appeal to all businesses to respect the importance of the lockdown. Sacrifices will need to be made in the broader interests of the country and its people.

A reminder to the GBS Sector and those operators running essential services to please adhere to the guidelines recently shared (click here). Although the CIPC Permit / Certificate is not currently a legal requirement as at today 01.04.20, you are all aware that this is being requested upon site inspections.

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Nicky and Jonathan Oppenheimer Establish the South African Future Trust – To Support SMMEs through the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond.

- Direct financial support to SMME employees who are at risk of losing their jobs or will suffer a loss of income because of COVID-19

- The South African Future Trust (“SAFT”) was formally established for this purpose with the initial R1bn commitment

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