Cyber Security Guide during Lockdown

Although South Africa’s national lockdown has entered a less-restrictive Level 3 phase, with many more businesses having been permitted to start operating more fully again since the 1st of June, employees that can work from home are being advised to continue doing so until further notice. Recent research has indicated that the Covid-19 pandemic infection rate is still likely to peak, which means that individuals will continue to be very susceptible to contracting the virus for several months thereafter. Working from home for those that can makes a lot of sense under such circumstances.

Covid-19 lockdown expedites Harambee’s cloud migration plans

Harambee has realised that cloud is the future. It offers flexibility and scalability, with better uptime and security to enhance business continuity. Cloud also creates opportunities to access additional functionality, or gain instant access to new tools and features without massive capital expenditure or long implementations, which can future-proof your business.

COVID-19 expedites cloud transformation plans

Cloud migration was already firmly on the technology investment agenda of most businesses before the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic thrust cloud computing to the business forefront. While South Africa lagged the global adoption curve, local business leaders were formulating cloud transformation strategies or had begun piecemeal implementations, with many organisations moving beyond cloud backups.

Jasco partners with only the “best of breed” technology solution providers. After a vigorous evaluation process, Jasco has selected Five9 as their new cloud-native contact center technology partner for the African market.

Backed with the expertise of their consulting and integration teams and the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center, Jasco now can enable businesses to move to a cloud contact center solution within days - not weeks or months.

Pivotal Data commits to support Elingo customers, staff following liquidation.

Following the announcement that Johannesburg-based ICT company Elingo had entered voluntary liquidation on 27 February 2020, Pivotal Data has confirmed that the company will provide employment opportunities to affected staff and will engage Elingo customers to ensure continuity of services in customers directly impacted.

Top management are reluctant to provide bigger budgets for the customer service contact centres since they see no revenue value in them thus placing Call Centre Managers in a tough spot. They then take necessary measures to implement methods which would reduce the cost of the call centre without compromising on the level of customer support and customer service quality.

IVR is often the first interaction between a customer and an organisation. It can strongly influence the caller’s perception of a company through its personality and ease of use, delivering great benefits to both sides. Conversely, getting it wrong through poor implementation can be a real turn off for the caller, so getting it right is important. A good IVR should help a customer meet their needs by getting them to where they want to go.

Disrupting Education, Microlearning for Mastery

On the 1st of October 2019, leading training provider People Solutions announced their partnership with Digemy, a top Tech Start-up based in Cape Town and launched an innovative new online, Digital Academy under the FutureSkills.Africa brand.

Things Call Centre Agents Should Avoid Saying During Sales Calls

Sales pitches should be about the consumer’s needs and how you can meet them. Before mentioning anything, think if the phrase you’re going to use might damage anyone or anything. There are certain things that can help you get closer to a sale, and there are many things you can say that can end up in rejection. What people are really looking for is an individual who is actually interested in helping them.

Startek Unifies Global Brand

Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA and Mumbai, India – August 2019 – Startek, Inc. (NYSE: SRT), a global provider of customer experience management solutions, is rebranding Aegis, which it acquired in July 2018, and the combined entity will go to market under the global Startek brand. Over the past year, Startek has transformed into a global leader delivering extraordinary customer experiences (CX) by offering best-in-class performance, a client.

Why ScopServ Integrated Services

We often wonder how to make a decision between the many PBX and Contact Center Solutions on the market. Its a tough decision as the VoIP world is growing and so are many more capable and competitive solutions. Thanks to one of our Sales Development Consultants, we can now have a brief indication of why an organisation would choose ScopServ.

We Are Moving to IBM Cloud

Paladin Consulting's online learning platform is officially migrating to IBM Cloud™ next week Monday, 19 August.