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Logo Company Name Website (a)Head Office (Main local office) Nature of Business
1Stream Managed Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd www.1Stream.co.za Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape Information Technology
Accenture https://www.accenture.com/za-en/about/company/south-africa Gauteng Third Party Operator (BPO)
Altron People Solutions www.altronbps.co.za Gauteng Consulting, Education, Education Technology, Information Technology, Operator, Third Party Operator (BPO), Recruitment, Technology, Training
ANGEL VENTURES TRADING http://creativewellnessconcepts.co.za/ Kwa-Zulu Natal Education, Training, Wellness, Other
Blake and Associates (Pty) Ltd www.blake.co.za Kwa-Zulu Natal Third Party Operator (BPO), Other
Border Kei Chamber of Business www.bkcob.co.za Eastern Cape Consulting, Marketing & Events, Other
Callforce Direct Pty Ltd https://callforceoutsourcing.com Gauteng Third Party Operator (BPO)
Capability BPO (Pty) Ltd www.capabilitybpo.com Kwa-Zulu Natal Consulting, Financial Services, Hospitality, Public Services: Municipal Government, Public Services: National Government, Telecommunications, Travel & Tourism, Utilities & Energy
CCI South Africa www.cci-sa.co.za Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Other Operator, Telecommunications
Centrevo (Pty) Ltd www.centrevo.co.za Kwa-Zulu Natal Financial Services, Third Party Operator (BPO), Telecommunications
Coega Development Corporation Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape Public Services: Provincial Agency
Daveglen 546 Investments (PTY) LTD Kwa-Zulu Natal Property, Other
ELS Customer Experience (Pty) Ltd www.elscx.com Gauteng Consulting, Financial Services, Information Technology, Mobile & Cellular, Third Party Operator (BPO), Retail/FMCG, Technology, Telecommunications
EXL Service South Africa (PTY) LTD www.exlservice.com N/A Third Party Operator (BPO)
iContact Pty Ltd www.icontactbpo.co.za Gauteng Third Party Operator (BPO)
Independent Contact Centre Consultants Association https://iccca.co.za/ Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Free State, Other Consulting, Digital Design & Development, Education, Education Technology, Financial Services, Information Technology, Marketing & Events, Media & Publishing, Training, Wellness, Other
IT Careers SA PTY LTD www.careersit.co.za Kwa-Zulu Natal Training
Lambie Spark & Associates (Pty) Ltd www.lambiespark.co.za Kwa-Zulu Natal Property
Merchants SA www.merchantscx.com Gauteng, Western Cape Information Technology, Third Party Operator (BPO)
Miracle Communications (Pty) Ltd www.cx-people.com Kwa-Zulu Natal Third Party Operator (BPO), Recruitment, Training
Moveinsync Technology www.moveinsync.com N/A Consulting, Technology, Transport
MPC Recruitment (Pty) Ltd. www.mpcconnect.co.za Kwa-Zulu Natal Operator, Third Party Operator (BPO), Recruitment, Training, Other
Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber www.nmbbusinesschamber.co.za Eastern Cape Other
Open Vantage (Pty) Ltd www.openvantage.co.za Gauteng Digital Design & Development, Technology
Outworx Contact Centre (Pty) Ltd www.outworx.co.za Kwa-Zulu Natal Third Party Operator (BPO)
Rewardsco Sales www.rewardsco.com Kwa-Zulu Natal Consulting, Digital Design & Development, Financial Services, Information Technology, Marketing & Events, Mobile & Cellular, Operator, Captive domestic inhouse, Third Party Operator (BPO), Telecommunications
Searle van Eeden & Routen www.paladin-consulting.co.za Gauteng Consulting, Digital Design & Development, Education, Education Technology
Synergy Contact Centre (Pty)Ltd https://synergycontactcentre.com/ Kwa-Zulu Natal Third Party Operator (BPO)
Teleperformance South Africa www.teleperformance.com Western Cape Consulting, Third Party Operator (BPO), Telecommunications
The DG Murray Trust JobStarter.org.za Western Cape Recruitment, Training, Wellness
The Training Room Online https://www.ttro.com/ Western Cape Education Technology
Trade and Investment KZN www.tikzn.co.za Kwa-Zulu Natal Public Services: Provincial Agency
Transaction Capital Recoveries (Pty) Ltd www.tcrecoveries.co.za / www.tcriskservices.co.za Gauteng Financial Services, Legal Services, Third Party Operator (BPO), Other
Transunion Global Capability Centre Africa (Pty) Ltd Gauteng Financial Services
Webhelp Gauteng, Western Cape Third Party Operator (BPO)
ZETZ SMG (Pty) Ltd www.zetzcommunications.com Western Cape Consulting, Information Technology, Marketing & Events, Operator, Telecommunications