BPESA has joined 11 other independent regional organisations serving the GBS sector to create the Global Technology & Business Services Council (GT&BSC). The Council comprises the leading GBS locations servicing over 10,000 organisations, including multi-nationals, indigenous tech companies, SMEs, and start-ups. The founding members are: Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Latin America, Latvia, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States and Ukraine.

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) was formed in October 2003 and began operating in January 2004.

This created the first representative and unified organisation for business in South Africa.

Today, through its extensive membership base, BUSA represents the private sector being the largest federation of business organisations in terms of GDP and employment contribution.

The SA Chamber of Commerce is an umbrella organisation and conduit for trade, community and investment into and out of South Africa.

The SACC aims to bring under one concerted effort, a forum and meeting point for businesses who have an interest in both the UK and South Africa in an attempt to facilitate the development of business opportunities.

IAOP was born, back in 2005, out of the idea there should be an association not simply for those working in outsourcing, but also that defines outsourcing as a profession in its own right.

It was a good idea then, and though the industry and "outsourcing" have evolved into various collaborative approaches, it's a good idea now.