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BPESA Future Skills platform: a shared sector learning platform and content library for reskilling, upskilling and future skilling the existing GBS workforce and excluded youth preparing for new jobs opportunities.






What is Future Skills Platform?

The Future Skills Platform is a cloud-based learning experience platform powered by Edcast Cornerstone. Future Skills hosts a rich content library with expert curated pathways across top professional skills, digital skills and work readiness training geared for excluded youth pathwaying into the GBS sector. The platform is designed for interoperability with an extensive API library supporting platform integration with many leading Learning Management Systems and other learning tools and products including LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, EdX, Moodle.

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The Future Skills team recognizes the high cost and resource intensity of developing quality and business specific training content on an ongoing basis and has responded with a flexible solution. As a shared sector resource, Future Skills is being engaged by GBS companies to access rich curated learning experiences to support digital and professional upskilling of the existing workforce. Not only do our Future Skills partners have the power to curate their own skilling experiences with ease and flexibility leveraging access to over 600 pathways, but our expert content team also collaborates with partners to design content to meet business needs. Partners access quality content at a fraction of the cost.

Our partners are supported with robust reporting and analytics. Our in-house data scientist leverages a powerful analytics engine to gather rich data and build insightful partner specific dashboards to monitor learning adoption, engagement and retention.

The Future Skills platform is designed to support companies of all sizes across the GBS sector enabling micro enterprises through to very large enterprises. Partners with existing platforms can tap into the rich content resource to deliver enhanced learning programmes while partners with no learning platforms can leverage the Future Skills platform as a core learning technology to deliver blended and online learning.


Sector work readiness programmes

Sector work readiness programmes 

5-Day Programme

10-Day Programme

20-Day Programme


Why should your organisation become a Future Skills partner?

The sector is on a growth trajectory of half a million jobs by 2030 but still faces many challenges with the availability of a suitably skilled local talent pool. Future Skills has been strategically designed to support organisations grow their businesses by upskilling existing staff for the evolving competitive landscape, supporting work readiness and critical ‘close the gap’ training to equip excluded youth successfully secure and maintain jobs in the sector, and to importantly elevate the local skills base to ensure sustainability beyond 2030.

The Future Skills platform has the complete endorsement from key government and sector stakeholders and has been identified in the GBS Sector Master Plan, the Digital Economy Master Plan and has been identified as a high impact project in the Inter Departmental Coordinating Committee on Digital Skills (members including DHET, DCDT, MICT SETA, NEMISA, QCTO). Leveraging the strategic significance of the Future Skills platform, the project endeavours to solve for scalable, affordable and adaptable work readiness training, formalizing sector endorsed micro credentialling and recognition of traditionally non-accredited training, and fast tracking the development of new critical and priority programmes and qualifications for the sector.

Collaboration will be at the core of success moving forward in a fast evolving and digitally transforming world. Future Skills is at the forefront of innovating to solve common challenges faced by South Africa including digital exclusion, high costs of data, a lagging self-learning culture, learning which is not demand-driven and does not support employability, and the weak foundation of critical skills required for the current and future workplace.


Meet the Future Skills team

andy searle

Workstream 1: Advocacy & Demand Stimulation


Andy Searle

Program Director

keith rosmarin

Workstream 1: Advocacy & Demand Stimulation


Keith Rosmarin

Demand Stimulation Lead


Wardie Circle Framed Profile Picture

Workstream 2: Platform Management


Wardie o’Neill

Platform Manager

lebogang raophala

Workstream 2: Platform Management


Lebogang Raophala

Platform Administrator


siba zwide

Workstream 2: Platform Management


Siba Zwide

Platform Administrator


sizwe dlamini

Workstream 2: Platform Management


Sizwe Dlamini

Platform Administrator


judy robinson

Workstream 3: Content and Content Partner Management


Judy Robison

Content Architect


luginsa joctrey

Workstream 4: Reporting & Analytics


Lungisa Joctrey

Data Scientist


coral lee albertse

Workstream 5: Project Management Office


Coral Albertse

Program Manager


teswil arnold

Workstream 5: Project Management Office


Teswill Arnold

Project Administrator


sam hoosen

Workstream 6: Compliance, Monitoring &Evaluation, Funder Finance Reporting

Samantha Hoosen

Compliance, M&E Lead


sibulele mjangqeka

Workstream 7: Customer Engagement & Marketing


Sibulele Mjangqeka

Marketing and Communications



Who do I get in touch with?

Business Partners interested in becoming users of the Future Skills platform for organization training
Demand Stimulation Lead – Keith Rosmarin | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Content Partners interested in collaborating to provide content and learning products and services through the Future Skills platform
Content Architect – Judy Robison | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For all other general queries, please reach out to our Program Manager – Coral Albertse | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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