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BPESA: COVID-19 Lockdown Week 4 Communique

Dear BPESA Members, Partners and Stakeholders

We have been in shut down for four weeks tonight, with a further week of hard lock-down to go before conditions are eased for a risk-based return of economic activity.

Based on data shared with the public, the lock down seems to have worked so far in minimising the spread of the COVID 19 virus, limiting the number of related deaths and buying the time for the health system to be properly prepared for the inevitable rise in numbers of people requiring medical treatment.

This preparation has come at great economic and social cost, and the GBS sector and its stakeholders have not been spared, and so it is with relief that we heard President Ramaphosa announce some key elements of the Risk-adjustment strategy for economic activity tonight.

The GBS sector has demonstrated tremendous agility, resilience, innovation, courage and unprecedented collaboration in ensuring its continued activity in the lock-down to-date. It has steadfastly delivered on its commitments to domestic and international clients and customers, proving to be a trusted partner in times of trial. The essential service workers on-premise and at home are heroes of the highest order.




The President recognised this role and publicly thanked call centres in his address this evening!

"I want to pay tribute to those who are providing essential services - the truck, taxi, bus and train drivers; the workers on the farms, in stores, at power stations, at water plants, at petrol stations, in banks, call centres, the law enforcement officials and security personnel."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa




Amidst this challenge the sector has stood up and offered great support to our partners in Government with pro-bono work in various forms to assist in managing this crisis.

The self-imposed health protocols and verification processes that the sector has collectively put in place have prepared this sector well for the phased transition to eventual full economic activity.

As a sector that has been at the forefront of finding the balance between continued delivery of essential services and the safety and well-being of our people, the GBS sector is ready to apply any necessary changes to regulations and to progressively recover to a suitable recalibrated level of productive capacity. We will work with you and lobby through the PPGI with Government in the coming week to agree the details of the return to work of the other elements of our sector that have been shut down during this time.

Our focus has already shifted to recovery and rebuilding, but never at the expense of the well-being of our people. While we collaboratively review, amend, and implement our strategy, a key focus of ours will be to help our people find new hope, confidence, self-belief, motivation, and passion for the work they are so good at!

Together we can reshape our business models domestically and for the international markets; redefine the way we work; reskill and upskill ourselves; and compete in the global markets stronger and more effectively than pre-COVID-19.

The BPESA Board, EXCO, regional teams, and all our partners are committed to serve you well in this new journey that we are embarking on! Our teams will be engaging you through the established COVID – 19 channels, and through our pre-COVID 19 forums for marketing, skills development, and inclusive growth.




Stay in touch and stay engaged. We are


On behalf of the BPESA Team

Andy Searle



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