“As a Facilitator, the Future Skills Platform has helped in terms of facilitation; the students can access this information not only in class but also at home. The platform enables revision to be done and to make sure the learning lands. If I notice there's a gap, or they are not grasping the information. I can ask them to go through it and give them homework.

The FSP also allows the students who are absent work to not feel left behind as they can follow along the day. We are currently cover what we do at work. Then I can send a text/WhatsApp to let them know what to cover and not hold the class behind once they return. This opens paths for other learning they can explore.

The FSP helps fast learners. When they have completed a section of work, I can allocate fast learners' time to explore and not move ahead so that the class is always all together. Also, it helps with research and assignments they get. It takes out searching on Google and allows them to use the FSP. In return, it removes accessing dangerous websites where there are scam links and only relevant to the program.

The Future Skills Platform is not only for the students but together with the Facilitator's journey in class”

-   Kimberley Foster


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