More Sales And Less Customer Churn

Want to know how a major US wireless service provider significantly improved customer retention rates using interaction analytics from OnviSource?

With more than 4,000 agents spanning seven sites around the world, they have recognized significant reductions in cancellations based on intelligence from automated interaction analytics spanning more than 250 million minutes of conversation each year. This provider also increased survey rates from 14% to 44% and now realizes more than 10 million survey completions annually.

Interaction analytics helped this customer:

  • Identify retention risks and underlying issues
  • Improve customer experience and reduce churn
  • Increase customer lifetime value

OnviSource offers:

  • Call summarization and actionable insights
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Keyword and phrase detection
  • Issue identification and trend analysis
  • Agent performance and training
  • Customer feedback analysis
  • Proactive outreach and segmentation
  • Simulated testing for promotional program

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Analytics not only identifies churn risks and underlying root causes but also equips businesses with the necessary data to implement proactive strategies for minimizing subscriber attrition. Understanding customer sentiment, addressing pain points, and enhancing experiences fosters loyalty and retention, resulting in increased customer lifetime value.

Want to see it in action in your real-world environment? OnviSource is offering a proof of concept so you can see how it works with your data.


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