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Don’t kill your budget BUYING COMPUTERS for your CONTACT CENTRE Seats Again


The Covid 19 era has taught all of us in business two hard learned lessons:


1. Preserve your company’s cash for a rainy day…bad times will come and go and…
2. Make sure your business is agile - the flexibility to scale up and down when you need to is the KEY to success


This is never more true than in the case of the CONTACT CENTRE operation, where the need to always be agile is mission critical as seat numbers inevitably go up and down and nothing is ever guaranteed. When it comes to investing in the all-important IT hardware, without which you can't run your business, here are the GOLDEN RULES…and why RENTING YOUR IT EQUIPMENT should always be your first choice:


• CASH IS KING - never spend your Contact Centre’s cash on depreciating assets like the computing equipment at your seat stations. Always RENT.
• FLEXIBILITY IS QUEEN: Make absolutely sure that as your number of seats expand or contracts, so do your fixed costs so that you are never out of pocket.
• MAXIMISE YOUR TAX BENEFITS: Get the tax benefit immediately of any cash you spend on your equipment rentals. If you purchase upfront, you have spent the cash but can only claim the expense for tax purposes over 36 months (depreciation). When you rent, each rand you spend is deductible in that tax period. Immediately.
• KEEP YOUR BALANCE SHEET CLEAN: Wipe those depreciating assets off your Contact Centre’s balance sheet - it will make for a much cleaner, far more sale-able business
• PASS ALL YOUR RISKS ON TO YOUR IT RENTAL PARTNER: From theft, to damage, to repair costs, to insurance claims, logistics and the management of every single aspect of the hardware, the rental company will take care of the lot.
• Certainty: Fix your costs. Especially now, IT budgets cannot be variable - the only thing that can vary is the number of seats, up or down.
• Ensure Uptime: Every second costs money. If a device doesn’t work, swap it out - and if you have 25 seats or more, you ll get free swap out devices alongside your order. Uptime is, well, guaranteed
• Support for home-based operators: Many Contact Centre’s today have a hybrid model - some working from the office and some from home, making IT support a challenge - rather just lean on the logistics and technical capabilities of a provider that has the infrastructure to support your distributed assets.




Bancroft Photo“Contact Centres across South Africa have gotten rid of all their own hardware management headaches by moving to DaaS with Go Rentals, and it's not just a South African issue”, says GO Rentals CEO Evan Berger, “it is happening globally.

“Once Contact Centres witness how positively renting their IT hardware with a full-service contract impacts their businesses, they rarely buy hardware”, says Ron Keschner, Sales and Marketing Director of Go Rentals - it really provides the perfect solution for all Contact Centre operators, large or small”.

For more information on how this can be achieved for your Contact Centre, contact Ron Keschner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 082 465 9428 / Bancroft Metcalfe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 082 308 4810. As a Contact Centre specialist, GO Rentals is a proud member of BPESA.



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