Amplify calling success rates and campaign effectiveness with Pivotal CLI Manager.

What is Pivotal CLI Manager?
Pivotal CLI manager gives businesses the ability to analyse CLI metrics and manage caller IDs in response to data-driven analytics.

The default behaviour is to randomise all your business’s CLIs and automatically generate relevant statistics based on customer responses. Once Pivotal CLI Manager has collected sufficient data to analyse, it becomes a powerful business tool that delivers better CLI performance and saves valuable time and contact centre resources.

Managing CLIs based on the data statistics generated allows businesses to manage their CLIs in real time, which puts the power in your hands.

A CLI randomiser further enhances call productivity by enabling higher Answer Success Rates (ASR) on outbound calls and calling campaigns.

Why use Pivotal CLI Manager?

Pivotal CLI manager provides detailed metrics regarding current number allocation success rates, which gives your business the flexibility to fine-tune outbound calling requirements according to your specific needs.

This, in turn, provides higher success rates on answered calls and creates opportunities to bypass allocated numbers that are flagged as spam.

The ability to automatically pick up and use successful CLIs enables your business to get better results on outbound calls.


VIP list
Using the VIP list feature, you can improve management of your top customers. This ensures that your best customers will automatically be phoned using your premium CLIs, ensuring they are familiar with your business number.

VIP fallback
If calls to a given recipient go unanswered for a set number of times, the next call will automatically originate from a premium, high performing CLI, which improves the likelihood of answered calls to specific recipients.

Regional CLI manipulation
Manipulate CLIs to match the region dialled, for instance, Johannesburg-to-Johannesburg or Durban-to-Durban calls. Matching the caller’s region number to the receiver’s greatly improves answer rates.

Override CLI randomiser
Easily override the randomiser to use your top performing numbers. Metrics will be collected for the day/month/week/holiday, but you maintain full control of which numbers you use at any given time.

Outsmart caller ID and blocking apps with Pivotal’s intelligent CLI Manager. For more information, contact us on 010 476 0300.


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