Hire smarter and faster with our free trial!

Hire smarter with our free trial! Identify the best agents and make your hiring decisions faster, easier and bias-free. We’ve combined powerful predictive analytics and 60 years of research to more accurately predict performance, potential and retention.

Pivotal Talent’s Recruit scientifically profiles, screens, shortlists and ranks an almost infinite number of agents according to key predictors of performance and potential. What’s more, the solution can also determine when someone may be more appropriate for a different role than the one originally specified.

Want to hire the best fit, faster? Put us to the test.

Option 1: Recruitment for 1 Role
Receive a report ranking best fit talent as well as 5 individual candidate reports for 1 contact centre role - choose from 20 assessments.

Option 2: Skills audit for 5 agents
Receive a skills audit for 5 contact centre agents.

Do you want to reduce time and cost to hire? Contact Tana Hall on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 078 871 8745 or 010 476 0364.


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