A Skills Pivot to meet Tomorrow's World of Work

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, we reflect on how the “New-Normal” has become our reality. Many of us have had to face challenges during the past few months, and among us were the real leaders, who took the initiative to use those challenges to create opportunities and digital innovations for the future world of work and learning.

As futurists, People Solutions were able to successfully pivot by evolving our services and digitalising our products to adapt to the virtual education needs of our market and as a result of the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the following ways:

Our Virtual Services:
We engaged with the various SETA’s and Industry Bodies on interim and sustainable solutions to navigate challenges around accredited skills development programs and learnerships, with reference to remote assessments, external moderation, electronic signatures and submission of digital portfolios of evidence.
During the lockdown period and over the last six months, we have successfully transitioned to a virtual External Moderation model in collaboration with the SETA. As a result, 190 South African’s have achieved their new qualifications during a cumbersome and challenging period.

Our Digital Offerings:
As digital transformation pioneers in the Learning and Development space, we equipped our teams and facilitators with the skills and tools for virtual training delivery options, including the use of platforms, with mobile and remote access, on-demand and live connect sessions. We have integrated both our accredited and non-accredited learnerships and workshops onto our digital platforms FutureSkills.Africa and The Knowledge Bank in support of social distancing.

The Knowledge Bank digital learning platform was designed as part of our pivot strategy, to provide an alternative to the traditional methods of training delivery. The online platform allows us deliver our accredited programs virtually and enabled us to develop a bespoke (remotely available) Covid-19 pathway which encompassed critical Skills to navigate times of adversity. The courses includes Crisis Management, Change Management, Stress Management and many other microlearning pathways that can be customized to the post-pandemic era.

Last year this time, we launched The FutureSkills.Africa platform which converts studying for “passery” to studying for mastery and ensures optimal retention of information and on the job application, increasing the knowledge of the learner while optimising and decreasing their time spent learning. A algorithm-driven platform that offers Work Readiness Bridging Training, Future Skills, Financial Literacy and GBS Skills.

We offer a free Lifelong Learning course to all learners, which can be accessed on any device at any time. Register online to start your free Life-Long Learning course today by using the link: https://futureskills.africa/

The workplace is constantly changing, resulting in job redesign and new skillsets that govern the way we work. Through continuous learning, we achieve cognitive flexibility and teams that embrace cross-skilling, reskilling and upskilling and can therefore adapt to the agile demands of the future.

Contact one of our training specialists today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us at 031 267 1455


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