Passive Voice Biometrics in the world of Remote Customer Interactions

I know all of us at OneVault aren’t the only ones to feel the seismic shift happening in today’s world. These unprecedented times are transforming the way organisations conduct business. The pressure is on to identify technologies, solutions and processes that enable businesses to adapt to customer needs.
At OneVault, we focus on a major issue for organisations, namely remote engagement. Remote engagement comes with its own set of challenges, a major one being fraud, whether through identity fraud or cyber-crime. Organisations must find a delicate balance between focusing on providing an enhanced, improved customer experience while maintaining robust layers of security. Many are struggling to do so.
Remote engagement has a long history; the ability for a customer to interact and conduct business remotely whether it be online or via a contact centre has been functioning with the use of second factor authentication solutions. However, organisations still wrestle with that balance between efficiency and customer expectations. For these organisations, fraud may be prevented, but customer satisfaction lowers.
So, what if these two things could be married in convenience? What if fraud could be stopped and customer expectations could be not only met, but exceeded?
It’s all possible with biometric authentication. Contactless, no-touch interactions are changing the way business needs to be done. In fact, there are many, many organisations worldwide that have already made use of voice biometrics to add efficiency, internally and for their external stakeholders, mitigate fraud and drive a better customer experience.
The solution is here, accessible. Why, then, are many organisations not utilising it? There is comfort in the way things have always been done, and biometrics is perceived as expensive technology, complicated to implement.
That’s where we come in. OneVault is very proud to have been part of many of the passive voice biometric implementations to date in South Africa. Our insight and experience along with our recent partnership with LumenVox has enabled us to offer a world class passive voice biometric solution that is priced to suit the South African marketplace. We have done all the thinking for you: The solution is inclusive of fraud detection and offers real-time fraud watchlist notification along with a passive voice biometric implementation to give organisations the ability to interact with customers in a way that ticks all the boxes: It is efficient, secure and promotes a more positive customer experience.
Organisations that adapt, that make the change to biometrics, will invariably beat out the competition. From an organisational perspective being able to do this without compromising your risk metrics and managing fraud more proactively is an easy yes.
Passive voice biometrics is the future of remote authentication within a contact centre. It can add business value in ways that many organisations have yet to think about. As time will tell, it’s a solution that your customers will expect as more and more organisations adopt it. The time to get that edge is now.
Talk to us at OneVault about how Passive voice biometrics can work for you.
We love what we do. We love what voice biometrics has to offer all organisations, and we are confident that we can help you transform your customers’ journey.

Vanda Dickson:
Business Development @ OneVault
Passionate believer in the role of voice biometrics
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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