Using predictive analytics to scientifically determine work-from-home suitability

Covid-19 became the accelerator for one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime, with remote working an overnight requirement for many.

Even though businesses acted with agility, some employees may not have been able to do the same by maintaining their productivity levels in the ‘new normal’. And while remote working may have seemed like freedom, in reality it requires keenly developed soft skills. Without these, a distributed workforce is likely to feel disengaged and unproductive.

With phased reintroduction to the workplace, many employers are considering shift working or weekend schedules to prevent overcrowding in the workplace. But what skills should you be looking for in employees to determine who will continue working remotely?

8 skills that international research confirms your work-from-home employees should have:

- Detail orientated: The employee is likely to focus on the task at hand within their changing environment and still pay close attention to the details of their work.

- Planning and organising: The employee is able to stay organised and plan their time and resources amidst the change in way of working.

- Communication: The employee can communicate (written and verbal communication) clearly and effectively when working from home.

- Problem-solving: The employee inherently has the ability to critically, logically and verbally analyse issues that might arise.

- Curiosity: Indicates how eager an employee is to learn as well as their ability to inquire or investigate unknow terms or concepts to apply to current challenges.

- Multi-tasking: The employee is likely to stay committed and focused on multiple tasks at hand and not get distracted by the uncertain, ever-changing environment they now have to work in.

- Outcomes-oriented: The employee has the ability to take initiative and organise their time and tasks to ensure that they complete the required work within the provided time.

- Deadline driven: The employee can be trusted to still meet deliverables according to priorities, within a given time period without being micro-managed.

Our work-from-home assessments:
- Work-from-Home: Customer Service (Simple)
- Work-from-Home: Customer Service (Complex)
- Work-from-Home: Customer Service (Webchat/Email)
- Work-from-Home: Customer Service (Technical)
- Work-from-Home: Debt Collection
- Work-from-Home: Sales and Retention
- Work-from-Home: Outbound Sales
- Work-from-Home: Generic (Role-agnostic)

With science comes certainty:
With the use of science and predictive analytics, Pivotal Talent can accurately measure these 8 critical virtual working skills and give businesses an insight into how to make data-based decisions on scheduling their workforce.

0 – 100 assessments @ R250 each
101 – 1 000 assessments @ R201 each
1 001 – 10 000 assessments @ R150 each
10 000+ assessments @ R98 each

Please contact us on 010 476 0300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your current needs and options available to you.


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