Things Call Centre Agents Should Avoid Saying During Sales Calls

A call centre Supervisor can use some of these tips and badge in to calls with agents. Pulling the call recordings at the end of the to use for training can be a great tool to ensure that call centre agents are getting these points right

Here are 10 things to avoid saying during sales call

“How are you today?”
This is an ingenuine question as you are not really interested in how the person is doing. This phrase is also regarded as time wasting. Best way to start of is by saying who you are and why you are calling.

2. Wrong pronunciation of the customer’s name if you are reading off a database

This is a deal breaker in most cases. Its better to take a minute and ask someone else how the name of the person you are about to call is pronounced. Most people catch out that this is a call centre script by the way you say their name and even worse when you add a middle name and surname

3. “This won’t take long”

This is a red flag in most cases. Some think it’s a way to reassure the client that you know his/her time is valuable but what it is, is that you are actually taking up the customer’s time by saying “take long”. This is a topic that it is better to avoid.

4. Am I speaking to the decision-maker?”

There are no wins in this phrase. If they aren’t the decision-maker, it’ll make them feel less important, and if they are the one with final say, they’ll feel insulted that you didn’t already know that. It’s like saying that their opinion regarding the sales pitch doesn’t matter if they’re not the person who makes the final decision.

5. “I’m not here to sell you anything…”

This is a sign that you are a liar and cannot be trusted. You’re bound to present a product or service that can help them. Don’t colour the truth; simply acknowledge that you’re there to provide an opportunity.

6. “I guarantee / promise that”

Never make a promise or guarantee. Customers do not forget these things and you put your company in a difficult position. Use alternative words that can allow a certain amount of room for error.

7. “There’s nothing I can do.”

Usually this happens when the organizations they work for put process over people. To combat this, it’s important to first surface this as a concern to the organisation, as the decision to remove or reduce restrictive policies typically falls in their court. Until that happens you can use phrase like “I’ve taken note of your concerns and will find out how else we can assist”

8. “Do you have a budget for this?”

Just like with some other phrases, you could get yourself into serious trouble with this question. Asking a question that has a “yes” or “no” answer can be an easy way out for them. And, this question makes is sound as though you’re assuming that they’ll be buying or claiming your service, which may make them feel uneasy or pressured.

9. What do I have to do to get your business?”

It’s a little aggressive and desperate. Try using the phrase, “What’s holding you back?” as it opens up a dialogue for you to talk about what the prospect wants in order to close the deal.

10. “XXX is useless”

Bad-mouthing your competitors is a bad idea especially if the client already has a relationship with the competitor. It reflects a great lack of integrity and also makes you sound petty.


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