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Hire smarter with our free trial! Identify the best agents and make your hiring decisions faster, easier and bias-free. Put us to the test! Choose from 2 options: Recruitment for 1 role, or skills audit for 5 agents.

Operationalising customer feedback in your contact centre

The contact centre is the heart of most businesses – often handling more customer interactions than any other touchpoint in your business. The challenge lies in setting up a VOC that is ready for operationalising from the get-go – and this takes planning to ensure the right solution is built to suit your business.

Global Payroll Solution

We have just solved your international payroll puzzle with our quick, compliant, and hassle-free hiring for both FTE's and International Contractors in over 150 countries. With transparent flat fees and no onboarding costs, our product is simple to use, an effective.

Customer-centric thinking, digital technologies reshaping financial services

The global pandemic injected pace and intensity into the financial services industry’s race towards digital transformation. These new digital technologies have changed the way financial services providers interact with staff, customers, processes and partners.

However, the unprecedented speed and scale of these digitalisation initiatives has created gaps between digital services and customer expectations.

SPP air purification reduces coronavirus by 99.4% in just 30 minutes

There is mounting research to suggest that clean, disinfected air plays a vital role in preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

While respiratory droplets are considered the primary transmission route, aerosols are being considered by many health authorities as a possible mode of infection transmission. This suggests that viral particles can remain suspended in the air for long periods and can be inhaled.

Pivotal Data lays foundation for a cloud-enabled future at King Price

Like most start-ups, King Price initially invested in a technology solution that made financial sense and met a specific need at the time. However, as customer volumes rose, and the business evolved, the insurance provider’s communications solution could not scale to meet the growing demands.

Pivotal Data replaced the legacy communication technology and has helped lay the foundation for future evolutions in King Price’s call centre capabilities.

KURA is the largest independent outsourcer in the UK, providing outsourced contact centre services and software solutions for a number of the world's most successful brands.

KURA have been successfully reappointed by EDF (UK) to provide customer services support.

The new contract will be delivered by exceptional Kura advisers across our Sunderland and Durban (SA) offices.

CEO, Brian Bannatyne received some wonderful words from Steve Hayfield, Customer Services Director at EDF, who said that

Passive Voice Biometrics for Collections?  Really?

Running a collections contact centre is possibly one of the hardest environments to manage. After all, their customers don’t really want to speak to them. So, if their customers don’t want to speak to them, how would passive voice biometrics assist when you need to hear the customers voice and they need to, well actually speak!


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