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Major win for South Africa’s skills crisis

The Department of Home Affairs has approved the first set of companies to be part of the Trusted Employer Scheme (TES), which aims to address some of South Africa’s most significant labour shortfalls.

The TES was announced during President Ramaphosa’s 2023 State of the Nation Address and is set to improve the immigration process for large employers and investors through a more predictable and efficient system that attracts talent and foreign investment.

Businesses have constantly flagged the lengthy delays and the complex application process for foreign workers in getting visas.

This is a major issue for South Africa’s current critical skills vacuum, as international workers are seen as a short- and medium-term solution to the problem.

Marisa Jacobs, Managing Director at Xpatweb, said that the TES has strict qualification criteria, ensuring that only the most reputable and reliable companies gain access.

“This select list of companies will enjoy a streamlined and expedited immigration process, ultimately benefitting South Africa’s economic growth and stability,” Jacobs said.

She added that the scheme promises several key benefits to employers:

  • Efficiency: The TES aims to simplify and streamline the immigration process, reducing the bureaucratic hurdles that have hampered employers in the past.
  • Reduced Documentation: With a focus on trust and reliability, the scheme will require less extensive documentation from participating companies, making the process smoother and more efficient.
  • Accelerated Processing Times: Companies approved under the Trusted Employer Scheme will experience significantly faster and more predictable processing times for immigration-related matters, reducing delays and enhancing operational efficiency.

“Over the last 24 months, the Department of Home Affairs has faced numerous challenges in managing immigration-related processes. The TES represents a bold step forward in addressing these issues, offering a solution that benefits both employers and the South African government,” Jacobs added.

“As the TES commences, many businesses eagerly anticipate the opportunities it will bring. This initiative promises to strengthen South Africa’s position as an attractive destination for talent and foreign investment, setting the stage for an exciting new chapter in the nation’s economic development.”

All the applicants for the scheme have been recieving feedback from the Friday, the 19th of January, and this will continue until Friday, 26 January.

Source: BusinessTech


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