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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global pandemic, and now a South African reality.
We aim to assist members and stakeholders, with as much regular real-time, up to date information as possible to aid organisations to mobilise Task Teams, put contingency plans into place, and keep employees informed through this Best Practise Guide.

South Africa is not immune to the challenges COVID-19 brings as many of our sectors are vulnerable with a high concentration of people working in densely populated working areas.

As a guide, the following common practises are being advised to assist in containing further cases of the virus in South Africa.

These practices are largely those being adopted by Global Business Service (GBS) companies and are being shared to help one another to best respond by using proven practices as opposed to have to discover these for themselves.

Have something to add - let us know info@bpesa.org.za 

Please visit the Document Repository below for the latest COVID-19 Best Practice Guidelines.


The Coronavirus disease has spread to 157 countries on all but one continent of the world. 167,571 cases have been confirmed and more than 6,456 people have died from the virus.

BPESA and its members have a clear role to play in curbing and ultimately recovering from this virus.

Loren Moss - a respected analyst, publisher & researcher with executive leadership experience and deep domain knowledge in Global service delivery (amoung others) - has published an article exploring the the concept of 'telework' (working from home) in the midst of the alarming Coronavirus COVID-19 global outbreak.

Read more for opinion from GBS stakeholders on the concept and benefits of 'telework' for our sector - Global Business Services.