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VWSA's Transformational Journey: Leveraging BPESA's Future Skills Platform for Upskilling and Economic Growth

VWSA, one of SA’s leading Automotive manufacturers made use of the BPESA Future Skills Platform (FSP) to upskill a select group of deserving staff and were super amped with being able to participate.  The VWSA Group strongly believe that job creation and skills development fuel economic prosperity, and, for generations have strived to lead transformation in the lives of all South Africans.   As a multi-national corporation, Volkswagen has a strong commitment to boost foreign direct investment in South Africa and promote the transfer of world-class technology, knowledge and skills.

The opportunity to participate in the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Digital Upskilling Project was an exciting one for them. They identified 131 incumbent staff who  were at  various levels in the organisation, through the digital upskilling programme.

The team were impressed with the user-friendly interface of the FSP, finding it easy to navigate and access available course content.   The courses were well-designed and provided valuable insights and practical tips that the learners could apply in both their work and personal lives.  The platform has an abundance of valuable content with over 600 learning pathways that the users can navigate to improve their skills and expand on personal interests. VWSA showed an impressive  91,3% user engagement on the platform .

They were further appreciative of the opportunity to learn from industry experts and interact with others through discussion. It was great to be able to share thoughts and experiences with others and learn from their perspectives.

Fundamentally the VWSA team are always looking for ways to improve skills and knowledge and the key focal areas that they upskilled the staff in included:

  • The Importance of Learning
  • Personal Mastery
  • Project Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Planning and Organizing


Although the journey wasn’t issue free, and a few challenges were encountered, , the intermediary and support role  the BPESA team played, offered them access to like-minded professionals and an opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the course content.

A big “shout out” to BPESA and the FSP team for being instrumental in aiding VWSA to  improve their skills and knowledge in key areas that are essential for success in their growth and day to day work.

The team have highly recommended this platform to anyone looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in their respective organisations as a way to stay “ahead of the curve.”


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