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GBS Sector Jobs Report

The GBS Sector Job Creation Report has just been published for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021. The 3,731 new jobs created bring the YTD total to 10, 637 with a the last quarter of the calendar year looking to be a big one. This bodes well for the growth path that the GBS Sector is targeting in the Sector Master Plan. While market conditions continue to improve on the demand side, buoyed by the opening up of travel and the relaxation of many COVID related restrictions globally, our focus is equally placed on the supply side and I’m delighted to say that all our initiatives are progressing well. The JF7 demand led skilling programme and the private sector funded cross skilling programme is about to be complemented with the DHET / NSF pay for performance programme, for which we are on track to submit the Sector proposal early next week. On that note, the signed letters of intent we received from business executives across the country committed to more than 15,000 new jobs to be created by them, corroborating the data we have on the growth path of this sector. The future skills platform programme, which goes live in May 2022, will augment these more face to face skills initiatives with a platform solution that will enable us to scale our access, usability, and impact tremendously.

As always, we appreciate our investors and client community who locate their business here and create the fantastic working opportunities for our talented young people. Business continues to grow quickly and at scale in the North America market while the UK market remains strong with expected strong growth in the medium term. Both markets face sourcing challenges and operators are looking more actively now than ever before at other delivery destinations including South Africa to sustain their growth. More than 87% of the new jobs created during the reporting period are for young people, and 65% are for women.

The report will give you a more detailed breakdown of the types of work being delivered from SA, and the types of jobs being created, and a lot more insight into where the growth is taking place.

Enjoy the read!!

GBS Sector Jobs Report 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021


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