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2019 Quarter Four Jobs Report

Dear BPESA Members, Partners and Stakeholders

It gives me great pleasure to share the Quarter Four Jobs Report for 2019. Amidst the anxiety over the COVID-19 pandemic prevalent in the world and here at home, we should take hope from the 35% growth realised in 2019.

This ability of your companies to win, retain and grow your clients serviced from South Africa gives us every motivation to do what it takes to protect the GBS sector in the country and to survive this crisis to emerge stronger and more competitive than ever before.

As with all great challenges, our ability to collaborate, innovate and persevere will be tested. Perhaps the greatest opportunity we could have for new market growth could come from the disruption to established and mature GBS delivery locations such as the Philippines. Should South Africa be able to continue its delivery and simultaneously and successfully absorb work re-routed from these locations, we could enhance our value proposition and global standing significantly.

The report presents some great successes and highlights three key areas for improvement that have our utmost attention. The successes are reflected in the new jobs created and the growing spread of those jobs specifically into KZN. The areas for improvement are to rapidly accelerate the contribution of Gauteng to economic and job growth in the sector, to stimulate activity in the Eastern Cape on a greater scale, and to raise the level of inclusive hiring substantially – the latter being a key enabler of our supply side strategy.





Andy Searle

On behalf of the BPESA Team


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