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GBS Sector Jobs Report Q2 2019

BPESA posted its jobs data for Quarter 2 (April to end June) and the results are very positive. GBS operators are ramping up existing business and winning new business with international job growth figures in the sector exceeding the quarterly target by 48%. Most of the growth has come from the UK, followed by the USA, China and Australia.

Headline results are:

- 5,391 new jobs created, mostly by outsourcers in KZN and the Western Cape although growth in Gauteng has been on the increase since the start of the year.

- Telecommunications, education, retail and insurance were the growth industries with most of the work (87%) being voice based, reaffirming the strength of our value proposition.

- 4,822 jobs were for youth workers aged 18 – 35 with 695 of these being hired inclusively.

The sector continues to contribute effectively to transformation in South Africa with 97% of the jobs being for people of colour and 66% being for women.

Given the current climate of joblessness and slow domestic market growth, the continued high growth of GBS will positively impact confidence in the market and reinforce the signals to all our social partners that this is a key growth sector to remain focussed on for the foreseeable future.

The job data reaffirms BPESAs focus on demand stimulation and reminds us of the importance of mobilising more role players to participate in this growth opportunity while simultaneously placing a responsibility on us to implement suitably scaled and relevant supply side programmes to support and scale this growth.

GBS Sector Jobs Report Q2 2019