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BPESA has signed a five-year MOA with the dti and Harambee

BPESA announced on the 7th June 2019 that it has signed a five-year MOA with the dti and Harambee.

The MOA is unique in that it brings government, business and a strategic social enterprise together to achieve clearly defined goals, based on a range of initiatives that the parties have collectively defined (in the Jobs Summit Framework Agreement), and it provides the engagement framework best suited to realise the full value of each partner, with clear accountability for all parties.

Andy Searle, CEO of BPESA says “It provides BPESA and its partners with the right framework to continue the collaborative journey we began in late 2016 and to ensure that we exceed the job growth goals and export revenue goals that we have set. At this stage in the journey, with the faster than anticipated growth rate, and with the intended integration of digital and ICT role players into the GBS sector we are becoming increasingly confident of exceeding the 50,000 net new jobs target (over five years) and getting closer to the big growth goals that are often mentioned. Given our dire youth unemployment situation we need this partnership more than ever to take this growth sector to greater heights so that it can make a real impact in hundreds of thousands of young people’s lives.

For more about Harambee go to: http://www.bpesa.org.za/about-bpesa/partners/strategic-partners/100-harambee.html
For more about the dti go to: http://www.bpesa.org.za/about-bpesa/partners/strategic-partners/101-the-dti.html
For more about BPESA go to: http://www.bpesa.org.za/