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Arvato CRM Solutions has expanded its footprint into South Africa and secured its first customer experience contract to be delivered from the country with international e-commerce platform company, Techsembly.

The move will see the Slough-headquartered business offer its services from Cape Town.

Arvato says the expansion into South Africa will give its clients greater choice in how its solutions are delivered, complementing the services it currently provides from its five existing UK

Kei-Ella Loewe, boasting more than 71,000 international followers on Instagram, shares her journey


Eastern Cape-raised creative Kei-Ella Loewe, 29, is soaring in the global realm of digital art. Originally from Makhanda and named after the Kei river and beyond, Loewe has succeeded in moving from canvas and stage into a booming social media arena. With an international follow- ing of more than 71,000 people on Instagram, Loewe, who is back in her home province, shared her

The digital economy is transforming the employment landscape. In the  Eastern Cape we are relentless in our pursuit to assist youth to flourish as they obtain the digital skills required to remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment. Digital upskilling of our youth is NOT a luxury but an imperative.

An opinion piece on Women’s Month 2022 from the BPESA Future Skills Platform Team

Are we advancing women’s rights? 

Female empowerment. Gender equality. Female liberation. Women’s Rights. When we engage the controversial topic of feminism in a predominantly patriarchal society, do we understand, appreciate, and value the significance of gender equality in what is referred to as the ‘modern’ world and a ‘modern’ South Africa? From a Gen Z and Y perspective, we’d argue this political and

The annual Ryan Strategic Advisory, Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey which announces the Most Favoured Offshore CX Location has become a highlight in the Global Business Services and BPO calendars.
The survey focuses on responses from a broad reach of source market clients selecting their top CX destinations based on several data points. In 2021, South Africa was exceptionally proud to be named the Top CX Offshore destination. BPESA as the national trade body and industry association for the GBS

BPESA was recognised by the IAOP and Rockefeller Foundation with the award for the Top "Impact Sourcing Influencer" during the OWS22 on February 16, 2022. The awards were presented by Jon Browning, CEO, Global Mentorship Initiative and Chair of IAOP's CSR & SRO Committee.

Traci Freeman (she / her), who has been a driving force behind the advocacy and adoption of Impact Sourcing in Africa, accepted the award on behalf of BPESA, our partners in Harambee Youth

The Department of Home Affairs has just published the Critical Skills List for 2022. This is a milestone moment and the list is most welcome in the GBS Sector as we have been lobbying for significant updates to the 2014 list for some time and now have our requirements almost fully addressed in this edition. As BPESA, we are committed to a process of developing skills locally to build our skills base and unlock the human potential that we have, reducing our dependence on foreign skills that we

The GBS Sector Job Creation Report has just been published for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021. The 3,731 new jobs created bring the YTD total to 10, 637 with a the last quarter of the calendar year looking to be a big one. This bodes well for the growth path that the GBS Sector is targeting in the Sector Master Plan. While market conditions continue to improve on the demand side, buoyed by the opening up of travel and the relaxation of many COVID related restrictions globally, our

Dear BPESA members, partners, and stakeholders

BPESA, has a carefully planned leadership succession plan that it has been implementing to ensure that the important work that we do, on your behalf, will always continue seamlessly and with the right leadership in key positions in our Board, EXCO and OpsCo.

Based on that plan we have made several changes in all our structures since our inception in 2017, the most recent being my transition into the Board Chairperson role, taking over from Evan

- a “loss of an industrial giant, a thoughtful voice and a great South African” - Minister Ebrahim Patel.

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, Mr Ebrahim Patel, today sent his sincere condolences and that of the South African Government to the family, friends and colleagues of the late Dr Johan van Zyl, the Chairman of Toyota SA. The statement follows.

Dear GBS Stakeholders
South Africa is amid a 3rd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic with the infection rising at different rates across regions of the country. As expected, this has created alarm and concern amongst residents, their families and friends, and South Africa’s stakeholders who live outside of the country.

Based on the Risk Adjusted Strategy, adopted by the Government, President Ramaphosa announced today that the Alert Level would be raised to an Adjusted Level 4 for a period of 14 days


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