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We are rapidly approaching 2019-year end and while the sector has enjoyed much success and progress, we look forward to the remaining initiatives and key tasks ahead before we get ready to tackle 2020. This newsletter highlights key developments progress made in the past few months and brings to your attention a number of important events and activities leading up to year-end.

BPESA and its partners in the dti and Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator are very happy to announce the official launch of the Global Business Services Skills Strategy for 2019 – 2023. It is the product of 18 months of work by the BPESA team and more than 80 skills practitioners and professionals from across the country who used the skills forum platform to formulate the strategy.

South Africa's Beacon of Hope - The GBS Sector


South Africa is a dichotomy currently swamped with negativity across various aspects of our society and economy - each issue is as pressing as the next. However, there is hope in the storm, between the cracks there are opportunities and BPESA as the Trade Body and Sector Association for the GBS sector along with its social and government partners are fixated on the potential and opportunities the global business services sector (GBS) has to offer.

The GBS Sector currently employs approximately 200,000 people in the domestic market and in excess of 60,000 people in the export market – all jobs are based in South Africa. Although local domestic growth is slower than desired, the export market has seen growth in excess of 22% CAGR for the past five years with an acceleration over the past 18 months.

This growth is the result of not only a committed sector and passionate, supportive individuals across a global community, but a concerted, collective effort by business, government and social partners.   The global collective are engaging in conversations on how they too can not only make an impact, but leave a legacy as result of their support.

Its’ not news that the export services in the South African economy represent some of the most addressable growth opportunities for the country and the broader African continent.   Jobs created through the international business community, intentionally committing to making a difference, are great quality jobs which provide the abundance of young people – who currently make up more than 90% of the South African workforce – a stepping stone out of often dire conditions.  The GBS sector is a large-scale employer of females consisting of over 60% of the employed and contributing workforce and people of colour make up 97% of this contingent.  On average each employed individual supports in excess of six family or community members, over 20% of the employed individuals working within the GBS sector are Impact workers i.e. previously unemployed marginalised individuals. 

The opportunity the sector offers to build skills that are in demand cross the broader South African economy allows the GBS sector to positively support the expanded economy in addressing skills needs.  Jobs within the sector offer youth a depth of knowledge and skills in good quality jobs and work opportunities setting them on a trajectory for both a career and life-time of employment.

Not turning a blind eye to the dire state of events, BPESA is preoccupied on how ‘We’ as a collective global community redirect the energy and reshape the story.  Engagement with local and international individuals and organisations who see the opportunity of changing the status quo through intentional partnership with the South African GBS sector to open up the multitude of opportunities on offer to allow our youth a future by tapping into the abundance of talent and skill.

BPESA along with sector partners including private, public and social are hosting an interactive learning and sharing event from the 19th – 21st November in Durban, KwaZulu Natal where we call on all local and global hero’s looking to Make an Impact… Shift a Country … and Leave a Legacy

If you would like to play a role in shaping a new story and changing the trajectory of skilled youth in Africa, this is your opportunity.  www.bpesa.org.za

BPESA posted its jobs data for Quarter 2 (April to end June) and the results are very positive. GBS operators are ramping up existing business and winning new business with international job growth figures in the sector exceeding the quarterly target by 48%. Most of the growth has come from the UK, followed by the USA, China and Australia.

The Annual BPESA GBS Awards 2019 Entry portal is open and ready to accept submissions.

The Awards will identify and reward the professionals and organisations for their outstanding achievements in the Global Business Service sector, celebrating vision and upholding the spirit of excellence.

The Objective of the awards is to showcase the depth and breadth of capability of top performers across their respective fields all the while focused on growing the South African economy and creating an environment conducive for job-creation.

The awards are a mark of honour where excellence from entrants across the GBS sector is acknowledged and celebrated – we look forward to receiving your entry.

Entry portal closes on the 25th August, so make a start and ensure you get your organisations and individual team members entries in on time.  Follow the below link to enter.

For more information, click here for the: BPESA GBS Awards 2019 Info Pack

BPESA with its partners, the dti and Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator are delighted to announce that the 2019 Global

Business Services Investor Conference and Awards will be held in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa from the 19th – 21st November 2019.

This is the main event in the 2019 / 2020 calendar for the GBS Sector in the country which will showcase the distinctive attitude and value potential of our youth, with the theme being Impact Sourcing – inclusive hiring, for real impact and real value. In addition, the event will offer an integrated experience of the digital world in which we live and compete.

The two-day conference will be complemented with an exhibition of products and services from BPESA members, with site visits to best practice delivery centres, and will celebrate the depth and capability of our skills and solutions through the National GBS Sector Awards.

Please save the dates now while we communicate the details of the event over the coming weeks. GBS Investor Conference and Awards event: 19th – 21st November 2019.

For any queries on the GBS Investor Conference and Awards, please contact BPESA at info@bpesa.org.za.

A South African delegation of government and business role players recently returned from a successful trip to the USA. The join marketing trip included a presentation to the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce and a round table conversation with members of the Business Council for International Understanding. The delegation then travelled to Las Vegas where meetings were held with interested parties alongside the CCW 2019 event at which South Africa had a pavilion with more than 20 companies exhibiting.

Its only days to go before BPESA and the dti arrive in the USA with a delegation of 25 South African companies to engage with potential investors and other interested parties in New York (24th and 25th June) and Las Vegas (25th to 28th June) including participating at the CCW event in Las Vegas.

The New York visit includes the official launch and business seminar on the Global Business Services (GBS) incentive programme to be held on Monday the 24th June, from 8.30am to 11am, at the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce. This will be followed by a Cocktail networking event on Monday the 24th June from 6pm to 8pm at the South African Consulate General.

The Las Vegas visit includes participating at the CCW event where South Africa will have its own pavilion and the South African Investment Engagement Session and business seminar on the Global Business Services (GBS) Sector to be held on Thursday the 27th June, from 10am to 12pm, at the Mirage Hotel. There will also be a Cocktail networking event on Thursday the 27th June from 6pm to 8pm at the same venue.

Presentations will be delivered by the dti and BPESA on the South African GBS market and value proposition, including the incentive programme, with three key case studies presented by operators that demonstrate the value that South Africa has to offer USA based organisations.

The engagement sessions and seminars are part of a joint marketing effort by the South African Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and BPESA, to engage with American business executives, industry analysts, consultants, associations and media to discuss business challenges and opportunities in the USA market and to consider where, and how, South Africa with its core capabilities and location characteristics could be of value in addressing these. 

The delegation includes senior Government Officials, Industry Association leadership and business executives who can engage with interested parties on all matters relating to doing business with South Africa in this sector.  

For more about BPESA got to: http://www.bpesa.org.za/

To enquire about the events and how to participate, please contact BPESA at info@bpesa.org.za