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BPESA is the recognised Industry Body and Trade Association for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector in South Africa. As a not-for-profit entity, BPESA was established to promote trade and serve the interests of its many stakeholder groups who are engaged in the development, growth and sustaining of this vibrant industry that cuts across many sectors of the South African economy.

BPESA’s services are targeted at international captive and outsourcing operators; domestic captive and outsourcing operators; vendors supplying services to the sector; and the international clients whose customers are serviced from South Africa.

BPESA delivers its services in partnership with Government, at all levels, and various not-for-profit organisations including social enterprises and the professional bodies that support contact centre, finance and accounting, legal, IT, HR and knowledge services.

BPESA is both funded and mandated by its members, for its members.

Membership Services

Membership services have been designed to respond directly to the expressed needs of the sector’s varied stakeholder groups. They are intended to assist each member to enhance their own business performance and to support in achieving their goals whilst also enabling South Africa as a collective to achieve its economic development, job growth and skills development goals. Click here for a more detailed overview – Membership Document

Service Category

Publishing Market Information

Formulating, promoting and maintaining an industry value proposition and related sector growth strategy

Arranging sector specific investment promotion events

Promoting and facilitating your participation in industry networking events

Lobbying government support

Providing you with access to the BPESA website and social platforms

Representative in each region

Promoting and facilitating your participation in skills development activities

Professionalise the sector and promote it as an attractive career

Coordinating your involvement in industry forums for demand and supply-side


KIR; quarterly jobs growth report; local and domestic market research (salary
survey; human capital reports; case studies per segment; policy docs for incentives; tax; BBBEE; skills; VISAs; immigration etc.)

Access to a) a single BPO value proposition for SA with a refresh every three years b) participation in an industry growth strategy that addresses all segments

Publication of a marketing calendar; notification of and facilitated access to
investment promotion trips and related events; annual analyst event

Annual awards with categories for each segment; sports days per quarter in each region; career promotion expo per year

Advisory and support service (one stop shop) in partnership with government to optimise access to government services and support

Listing service on the BPESA website; skills portal and links to BPESA social platforms

Dedicated regional representative to manage stakeholder relationships

Participation in skills projects and initiatives

Endorsement of relevant Industry standards (ISO, SABS, other); and promotion of professional designations, CPD, and career pathing with CCMG and other professional bodies

Participation in the skills forums, technical working groups; formulation and maintenance of the sector skills strategy

Membership Services & Fee Structure

Members can select the most suitable membership service package choosing between two options: Platinum (all inclusive) and Gold.

Companies with less than 200 employees pay 60% of the listed fee while those with more than 200 employees pay the full advertised fee.

Gold Membership option allows members to engage with non-included services on a pay-as-you-use basis. Each of these additional services will be quoted on request.


Fees are payable in full, annually in advance, with the membership term running from 1 April to 31 March.


Members joining after the 1st April in any given year will have fee’s charged at a prorated amount based on the number of remaining months in the membership year.


ad hoc services at additional charge

not applicable

BPESA Member code of conduct

BPESA members uphold a code of conduct, committing to:  

  • Conduct business ethically and in compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations of South Africa
  • Uphold standards of business practice that would reasonably be regarded as acceptable and that will not bring BPESA or its members and stakeholders into disrepute
  • Treat employees, clients, customers, partners, and suppliers fairly
  • Not act in any way that is prejudiced to others based on their culture, race, age, gender, nationality  
  • Act with integrity in all dealings with BPESA at all times
  • Promote practices and behaviours that will enhance the economic and social development of the business sectors that BPESA represents
  • Contribute to the growth and developmental goals of BPESA

Membership Process

Complete the membership forms online or contact us on

Once we receive the forms we will process an invoice and send it through to you

Your Paid Membership status comes into effect once the invoice has been paid

You receive a membership confirmation letter, a member button and a membership certificate

Member Testimonials

"BPESA membership has benefited CallForce immensely, not only in terms of client leads, but also in terms of the skills development and exposure our staff has experienced with the various workshops; training sessions and reports published. BPESA has allowed CallForce to benchmark itself against international and national standards. We would strongly implore any operator in the business process space to become a member of BPESA."
Kashif Wicomb - Head of Stratergy, CallForce WC
"Being a member of BPESA has provided WNS South Africa with a platform to discuss and influence issues core to the development and evolution of the South African BPO industry."
Johann Kunz - Managing Director, WNS SA
"As a current board member and someone who has worked very closely with the team since 2004, I have always found the relationship to be of benefit to the sector due to long term goals being aligned in attracting foreign investment to South Africa. BPESA offers a platform to the industry and is a vehicle for sharing local and international best practice. We look forward to working closely with BPESA for many years to come."
Franco Cottumaccio - Managing Director, Capita SA

Our Current Members

Frequently asked Questions

Please visit our member directory to confirm if your company is a current BPESA member.

An Operator is classified as a BPO provider, and a Vendor is classified as an entity providing a service/s to an operator.

The BPESA membership is open to all companies operating both inside & outside of the BPO/contact centre sector, both locally and internationally. The only requirement for membership is to pledge to uphold the BPESA member code of conduct.

Our membership cycle runs for a period of 12 months from 01 April to 31 March of the following year.

The BPESA membership is a company membership aimed at adding value to companies directly and indirectly operating inside & outside of the BPO/contact centre sector, and does not offer individual membership.  

For any membership queries, or to become a member, please email