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BPESA is the recognised Industry Body and Trade Association for the Global Business Services (GBS) Sector in South Africa. As a not for profit entity, BPESA was established to promote trade and serve the interests of its many stakeholder groups engaged in the development, growth and sustaining of this vibrant sector that cuts across many industry verticals of the economy.

BPESA’s services are targeted at international captive and outsourcing operators; domestic captive and outsourcing operators; vendors supplying enabling capabilities and services to the sector; and the international clients whose customers are serviced from South Africa.


BPESA delivers its services in partnership with Government, at all levels, and various not for profit organisations including social enterprises and the professional bodies that support contact centre services, finance and accounting services, legal services, IT services, HR services and knowledge services.

BPESA provides access for its members to other business networks and associations that drive and influence the sectors transition into the digital economy and industry 4.0, ensuring that knowledge is shared, best practices are identified and advocated, and business networks established to enhance productivity and global competitiveness in an ever-changing world.


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BPESA is funded by its members, for its members.

Membership Categories

Our membership categories segment Clients, NPC’s, NGO’s, Government, Vendors and GBS Operators.

Operators are further segmented based on their business life-cycle maturity.


International clients of GBS operators


Companies providing services to the GBS operators i.e. training providers, IT companies, consultants, recruitment companies, property developers, facility service providers etc


For Government, this refers to departments and agencies directly responsible for economic development (Government operators e.g.: call centres, shared services centres are categorised as operators with the same fee structures applicable)


New operators in the GBS sector (in business for less than one year)


Emerging operators in the GBS sector (in business for between 1 and 5 years)


Established operators in the GBS sector (in business for between 5 and 10 years)


Mature operators in the GBS Sector (in business for longer than 10 years)


*No distinction is made between domestic or international

Fee Structure

The membership cycle commences on the 1st of April and ends on the 31st March. Fees are based on the membership category and the size of the business measured in terms of the number of staff.



Payment of the full annual amount before 30 April 2019 at 10% discount


Payment of full annual amount after 30 April but before 1 July at 100% of advertised fee

  • Payments in full
  • Between 1 July and 30 September at 75% of advertised fee
  • Between 1 August and 30 October at 50% of advertised fee
  • Between 1 November and 31 January at 25% of advertised fee


Payment plan

  • Quarterly payment option
  • The total is calculated (as per the date of member registration) and then divided by the number of quarters over which the payment plan is chosen – with 10% admin fee charged per quarterly payment


*SQ – Subject to Quotation

BPESA Member code of conduct

BPESA members uphold a code of conduct, committing to:  

  • Conduct business ethically and in compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations of South Africa
  • Uphold standards of business practice that would reasonably be regarded as acceptable and that will not bring BPESA or its members and stakeholders into disrepute
  • Treat employees, clients, customers, partners, and suppliers fairly
  • Not act in any way that is prejudiced to others based on their culture, race, age, gender, nationality  
  • Act with integrity in all dealings with BPESA at all times
  • Promote practices and behaviours that will enhance the economic and social development of the business sectors that BPESA represents
  • Contribute to the growth and developmental goals of BPESA

Membership Process

Complete the membership forms online or contact us on

Once we receive the forms we will process an invoice and send it through to you

Your Paid Membership status comes into effect once the invoice has been paid

You receive a membership confirmation letter, a member button and a membership certificate

Member Testimonials

"BPESA membership has benefited CallForce immensely, not only in terms of client leads, but also in terms of the skills development and exposure our staff has experienced with the various workshops; training sessions and reports published. BPESA has allowed CallForce to benchmark itself against international and national standards. We would strongly implore any operator in the business process space to become a member of BPESA."
Kashif Wicomb - Head of Stratergy, CallForce WC
"Being a member of BPESA has provided WNS South Africa with a platform to discuss and influence issues core to the development and evolution of the South African BPO industry."
Johann Kunz - Managing Director, WNS SA
"As a current board member and someone who has worked very closely with the team since 2004, I have always found the relationship to be of benefit to the sector due to long term goals being aligned in attracting foreign investment to South Africa. BPESA offers a platform to the industry and is a vehicle for sharing local and international best practice. We look forward to working closely with BPESA for many years to come."
Franco Cottumaccio - Managing Director, Capita SA

Frequently asked Questions

The 2019 / 2020 BPESA membership cycle begins on the 1st April 2019 and ends on the 31st March 2020.

Yes, every company must complete the registration process in full. Online registration opens on Monday the 25th March via the BPESA website at

With reference to the fee table in the membership brochure or online, you select the membership category that corresponds with the description that best fits your company; you then identify the Size Band (ranging from Band One to Band Five) that your company fits into based on the number of staff employed by your company at the date of registration. The fee due by your company will be located where the selected membership Category column and Size Band row interest. Example: If you are a vendor and you employ between 11 and 100 people, your fee for the year will be R11,250.00 EXCL VAT.

The maturity of the business (i.e.: how long you have been in business for) and the size of your business are both based on the legal entity that is registering for membership and not on the Group unless it is the Group that is registering in which case the details of the Group would be used for all information in the registration process.

Your company will remain a member in the category and size band that you registered originally until the next membership year at which point you would register under the new category or size.

Yes, BPESA is VAT registered and must therefore charge VAT for all VAT related services delivered.

You will not receive the 10% discount. Only payments received in full before the 30th April 2019 will have the 10% discount applied to them. All later payments will be at full rates.

Yes you can. When you register online you must select the “yes” option for a Quotation.

yes you can. When you register online you must select the “yes” option for a Purchase Order.

Yes. It is up to your company to make the most of these services.

SQ stands for “subject to quotation” as these services are costed as and when they are delivered, and the costs are only worked out once the service has been finalised. Example: website advertising – the costs for this would depend on the web design costs to upload the advert and any other additional costs related directly to this service.

BPESA will communicate on its website what each membership or relationship with other associations involves. This will provide clarify on what you, as a BPESA member, can participate in and benefit from. You can also query this with your regional representative at any stage during the membership year.

As a member you will be able to apply to participate in these programmes, but participation is not guaranteed as this is dependent on the programme, the funding criteria that apply, and supply and demand. BPESA will, however, always try to ensure that opportunities are spread to all members, on condition that they meet the participation criteria.

You should contact Traci Freeman at and copy You may also contact me at