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Company Name: BPU (PTY) LTD
Company Bio: "Business Process Unlimited has been built on the back of its mother brand, The Unlimited, harnessing the wealth of exceptional business and direct marketing experience and expertise this organisation has accumulated over its 25-year history. Ours is an organisation which continuously challenges the status quo, maximises the possibility in every opportunity, operates outside the comfort zone and stretches itself in the constant pursuit of business growth and enterprise excellence. Business Process Unlimited employs the same culture. Our direct marketing industry experts are there for you; working to assist you to meet your business needs and achieve the success for which you strive. We take you on an end-to-end customer journey, punctuated by quality service, meaningful engagement, added value and the development of trusted life-long business relationships. So, if you are looking to outsource your business process services, Business Process Unlimited should be your first-choice business outsource partner."
Website: https://theunlimited.co.za/
National Footprint: KwaZulu-Natal
Nature of Business: Energy, Financial Services, Information Technology, Mobile & Cellular, Telecommunications, Utilities
Channels Serviced:
Industries Serviced: