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Company Name: Africa Integrated Media (Pty) Ltd
Company Bio: Knowledge Executive Turnkey BPO/S and CX Research and Advisory Firm Knowledge Executive empowers and enables global Knowledge Leaders. We co-create and publish business, trade and investment research, market intelligence and insights for executives of today’s Experience Economy. This includes commissioned and syndicated research reports and qualitative/quantitative surveys covering business process outsourcing and services (BPO, BPS) and customer experience (CX). A Pan-African to global research house, Knowledge Executive is a turnkey service provider with strong and relevant experience in research, advisory services, events, content marketing and media. Knowledge Executive has published qualitative and quantitative surveys and market intelligence reports including: • 2008 South African National BPO & Call Centre Quantification Report • 2012/13 Knowledge Executive Business & Market Insights for BPO&O and Call/Contact Centres. • 2015/16 Knowledge Executive Business & Market Insights for BPS, Contact Centres & Social Businesses with drill-down reports covering: • Human Capital & Skills Development • Offshoring, Onshoring & Nearshoring • Outsourcing, Co-sourcing & Insourcing • Customer Centric Marketing • 2017-2018 Knowledge Executive Global Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Survey. • 2018-2019 Knowledge Executive Global HRO & Employee Experience Survey. • 2018-2019 Knowledge Executive Global Vertical Customer Experience Research Reports. • 2019 US BPO Marketplace Report • 2019 German BPO Service Provider Profiling Report • 2019 Africa BPO Country Reports and Market Analysis • Commissioned Reports and Surveys for the Automotive, BPO/S, Banking, Insurance and Telecoms Sectors
Website: http://www.knowledge-executive.com
National Footprint: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State
Nature of Business: Consulting, Media & Publishing
Industries Serviced: