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Update on Call Centre Directives from the Minister of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

Dear Call Centre Operators

The Minister of the dtic has issued a withdrawl of Directions regarding Call Centres providing Essential Services published in Government Gazette No. 43224; Government Notice No. R. 459 on 9 April 2020. These Directions were issued specific to allow for essential and permitted call centre (GBS) services to operate under Levels 5 and 4.

The withdrawl has been issued subject to organisations continuing to adhere to the sector specific Health & Safety Protocols health protocols and to comply with sector specific guidelines.

In addition the dtic expects a weekly sector report administered via industry body BPESA, therefore all current and newly operational call centres under level 3 must report weekly via BPESA Click here for more information on weekly reporting

Click here to view the newly published Government Gazette 11 June 2020 No.43432 on the Call Centre Directives from the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition