BUSA Membership

BUSA Membership

BPESA today announced its membership with Business Unity South Africa (BUSA).

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), is the formally recognised representative of Business at the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC). Internationally, BUSA represents SA business in the SADC Private Sector Forum, the SADC Business Council, the BRICS Business Council, Business Africa, B20 and the International Organisation of Employers (IOE).

BPESA has a growing relationship with BUSA having been invited by BUSA to participate in the NEDLAC process to formulate the GBS growth strategy for the Jobs Summit Framework Agreement in 2018 and having had the BUSA CEO, Tanya Cohen, address some BPESA executives at a CEO dinner held in Gauteng last year.

BPESA views this relationship as strategic to the implementation of the Global Business Services export growth strategy and to the continued development and growth of the sector in the domestic market.

Through the BUSA network, BPESA and its members will have access to participate in these regional and international fora. Other benefits of our membership include:

  • Influence through the apex business body in South Africa
  • Information regarding emerging policy development, economic and social environment
  • Platform for networking with business organisations, government and labour and other key social actors
  • Being part of the business voice
  • Collaboration on cross cutting interests within the private sector

This access to approximately 50 organisational members representing unisectorals; corporate representative organisations; chambers of commerce & industry; and professional organisations will afford BPESA and its members the opportunity to explore and establish new business networks in the domestic market while also being able to influence the national and international growth agenda for our sector.

BPESA will be represented at the two standing committees for Economic Policy and Social Policy as well as at the Standing subcommittees including Environment, Energy, Tax, Trade, Education & Skills Development.


For more about BUSA please go to: https://busa.org.za/