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Company Name: Department of Social Development Gender Based Violence Command Centre
Company Bio: The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Command Centre was conceptualised, developed and implemented as an initiative of the Department of Social Development. The GBV Command Centre provides immediate care and counselling and offers help, hope, and the chance of a better life to the thousands of victims of gender-based abuse, even in the remotest and most underdeveloped corners of South Africa. The GBV Command Centre is a comprehensive, integrated system that provides immediate, consistent, coordinated, and timely support to victims of GBV. The GBV Command Centre uses mobile technology to estimate the location of a victim and employs trained social workers as command centre agents, to provide counselling to victims and assist them to avoid or minimise further exposure to GBV. The GBV Command Centre utilises three high-level components: • Inbound and outbound 24/7 contact centre • Incident logging and management on the GBV Command Centre Information System • Mobile workforce management. When a victim calls the GBV Command Centre from a mobile phone, the caller (with explicit permission) is geographically located, enabling the GBV Command Centre to determine the caller’s closest resources (social worker, police station, hospital, or safe house). This innovative approach supports the conventional social services system, enhances the traditional counselling process of the Department of Social Development, and renders an immediate, expedient, and effective service to the victims of GBV.
Website: http://gbv.org.za/
National Footprint: Gauteng
Nature of Business: Other
Industries Serviced: Other