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Company Name: Oasis
Company Bio: Oasis is a diversified wealth management company focused on delivering real value to its investors over the long term. The company provides services relating to asset management and financial advice. It also offers a wide investment product range that includes, discretionary savings, tax incentivised products, retirement funds, long–term insurance products & endowments. As a privately owned family business, established in 1997, Oasis is represented directly in several countries which include South Africa, Ireland, The United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia and Mauritius. Its products are further distributed via a vast partner network that includes banks, wealth management platforms, insurers and independent financial advisors. Oasis products, which includes investment offerings in equities property, income and balanced funds categories, carry a firm performance track record and are rated by Morningstar and Thompson Reuters Lipper. The investment fund range also includes Islamic investment funds which are ethically and socially responsible to meet the needs of investors who prefer to uphold their moral and religious beliefs. The unequivocal objective of the Oasis investment team is to protect clients' assets through the implementation of a low volatility fund management philosophy. The successful application of this investment strategy has resulted in the protection of capital when markets are less favourable, while allowing for the growth of an investment when market conditions improve. At Oasis we believe in being a responsible wealth manager for our investors and the communities in which we operate. We have an unwavering commitment to do what is right by our investors and making a tangible difference to their lives for generations to come.
Website: http://www.oasiscrescent.com
National Footprint: Western Cape
Nature of Business: Financial Services
Industries Serviced: