Gauteng Growth and Development Agency

The GGDA works with national government and related public entities, such as South African Revenue Service (SARS), to create an environment more conducive for doing business for multi-nationals, large local companies and SMMEs. This may include engaging with national government to propose regulatory changes, as well as establishing a ‘one-stop shop’ for doing business in Gauteng.

The GGDA will target specific sectors to enable business to operate more effectively, actively addressing constraints specific to those sectors.

Capital Projects

The GGDA works with other government departments as well as the private sector, to develop transformative infrastructure aimed at changing the way in which the Province operates. It does not duplicate the work directly within the ambit of other departments, such as Public Works, Transport, Health and Education, but identifies projects that are catalytic, crosscutting, multi-sectoral and complex to manage. The particular expertise of the GGDA lies in designing large-scale projects, leveraging the necessary stakeholder and financial support and building the client base required to utilise this infrastructure.

Investment Promotion

In order to stimulate and maintain inward and outward trade and investment, the GGDA actively promotes Gauteng’s target sectors locally and internationally. It works with industry bodies to determine appropriate strategies for selected import and export markets. In order to support emerging entrepreneurs within the specified sectors, the GGDA actively seeks out ways for small business to access these markets.

URL: http://www.ggda.co.za/


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