With the assistance of Wardie Judy and the Team, navigating through the FSP, curating information including the uploading and accessing process wasn’t as daunting as anticipated.

The FSP in its entirety is extremely user friendly, the flexibility from a curator perspective has really allowed us to mold the platform into what we need and how it relates to our environment.

From a facilitators point of view and looking at our daily routine and the limitations we face(ed), the FSP has been a life saver.

We would normally have to access our modules & tools from separate locations however now everything is accessed from a central location. This has simplified and streamlined many of our day-to-day processes and improved our overall students learning experience.

We can track learner engagement not just from a FSP perspective (how they engage with the platform) but also if they have completed a module and the amount of time spent on a specific module. With the option of doing further research on a topic allows for a deeper understanding of a topic and enables the learner (Group) and facilitator to have a deeper conversation about said topic. This type of learning fast tracks the learning process and aids in the learner outcomes.

Early exposure to computers, systems, and CRM types of platforms (which FSP has become for us) has enhanced our students digital learning environment and thus propelled them further than what we anticipated. We can prepare them better for the world of work especially for the environment we are sending them to the preparation has become more bespoke.

The cross-field outcomes are of such that they master multitasking a lot sooner which impacts their confidence, they adjust a lot quicker in terms of onboarding and the client’s feedback on compliance has been nothing short of amazing.

- Lucion Williams


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