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Registration & Verification


  • PLEASE NOTE All BPESA Members are required to be registered and verified by BPESA for essential and permitted services during the COVID-19 lockdown levels 5 – 1.
  • All non-BPESA Members are not required to be verified by BPESA for essential and permitted services during the COVID-19 lockdown levels 5 – 1, however it is recommended.

overview iconOverview of the registration process


  • To begin you need to get your organisation providing essential or permitted services registered with BPESA.
  • For more information on what information and documentation is required during the registration process please contact your regional representative.



tick iconOverview of the verification process:


  • Once you have registered your organisation providing essential or permitted services you can now proceed to the verification process via BPESA.
  • As noted at the top of this sub-section, the verification process is a mandatory process for all registered and paid-up BPESA Members and an optional process for non BPESA Members.
  • Your organisation’s verification docket will go through a review and adjudication process with the GBS Adjudication Committee after which the Notification of Outcome will be communicated back to your organisation.
  • You will receive an essential or permitted services verification pack to keep and maintain your application and verification records.


question iconWhat are the benefits of getting my essential or permitted services organisation verified via BPESA?


  • Getting your organisation verified is recommended for the running of an operation to ensure comfort and support from the Industry Body BPESA to ensure your operation is operating according to industry best practice and aligned with various legal protocols.


doc iconWhat documentation do I require for the verification process?


  • Click here to view / download the Verification Document Checklist
  • Refer to the table below to access and download each document in the verification process:


Document ListDocument Type
BPESA Verification & Monitoring Checklist - Interactive Informational
Download the CEO declaration template - complete and sign Compulsory
Download the GBS sector health & safety procedures document - complete and sign Compulsory
Download the COVID-19 ready workplace plan - complete 1 per site Compulsory
Download the permit to perform an essential or permitted service - complete and sign per employee Compulsory
Download practice note: Workplace readiness Informational
Download the R2W risk management tool - complete and submit > 500 staff > 500 Staff Compulsory
Download the COVID-19 worker risk assessment Informational
Download the HS practitioner generic document Informational
Download the recommended guidelines for fabric face masks Informational



Weekly Reporting



  • As a Global Business Services (GBS) Practitioner you are required to both register your organisation through BPESA as well as to report weekly on operations.
  • Reporting is conducted on a weekly basis each Thursday for which there is an active portal link above.
  • Please be advised that the reporting is only open every Thursday


overview iconOverview of the weekly reporting process


  • All organisations in the Global Business Services (GBS) Sector providing essential or permitted services are required to report on a weekly basis via BPESA on operations. Please refer to the Directive issued by the Departments of Health and Trade, Industry and Competition on 09 April 2020.
  • Weekly reporting on operations is done online via the Reporting Portal. Please access the reporting portal at the top of this sub-section or at the top of the COVID-19 page.
  • Weekly reporting is done on a cyclical basis with the portal only being accessible for reporting each Thursday of the week. Please ensure your designated administrator submits reports within this timeframe each week.
  • Data from weekly reporting is consolidated and compiled into a Sector Report by BPESA which is then submitted for review by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition.
  • Non-compliant organisations will receive notification of Non-Submission in order to take corrective action.


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doc iconWhat documentation do I required for weekly reporting?


  • Refer to the table below to access and download the reporting templates as guidance on the information and documentation required for the weekly reporting process:


Weekly Reporting Process DocumentsDocument Type
BPESA Weekly Report Template PDF Informational
BPESA Weekly Report Template EXCEL Informational


Reporting Dashboard

{loadposition rep_dash_2020}
Please see below Weekly Reporting Dashboards for collated data from weekly industry reporting through BPESA during Lockdown Levels 5 – 1. Please note that the first dashboard begins at Week 10 of reporting.

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Risk Adjusted Strategy

Restrictions on economic activity are adapted to epidemiological trends, and may need to be relaxed and tightened in different periods of risk. An alert system is in place with clearly defined levels of restriction that can be imposed by Government as necessary.

  • If lockdown regulations are amended to allow some economic activity to resume, it is possible that the infection rate will accelerate and that the virus will resurge. In this scenario, it would be necessary to quickly revert to more stringent restrictions in order to arrest further transmission.
  • An “alert system” with five levels will allow for flexibility and responsiveness, and will reduce the need to amend regulations in future.
  • At each level restrictions are more or less severe, and sectors and companies will know what activity is permitted depending on the level imposed at any time.
  • Government is also able to switch between levels with far greater speed, and can use mass communications platforms (such as an SMS notification system) to signal this to the public.
  • Different levels can be imposed in specific provinces and areas based on the risk of transmission.
  • NB: A gradual transition between alert levels can be implemented where necessary.
  • Detailed health protocols are being implemented at all levels of alert.

The following table illustrates the key characteristics of the five levels of Alert.

 Risk Adjusted Strategy Overview


BPESA has collated credible COVID-19 resources into rich document repositories.


Searching for specific documentation you cannot find? Reach out to the BPESA Team for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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