Our services respond directly to the expressed needs of the sector’s stakeholder groups. They are intended to assist each member to enhance their own business performance and to support them in achieving their goals while also enabling South Africa as a collective to transform society and the economy and to achieve its economic development, youth employment and skills development goals.

Annual Key Indicator Report Annual KIR containing benchmark data, trends and practices for the GBS Sector in SA
Quarterly International Jobs Growth Report Quarterly report of jobs created in the export segment of the GBS Sector with breakdown by region, services type, employer type, demographics, and highlighting inclusive hiring jobs
White Papers, Case Studies, Secondary research White papers, secondary research on relevant topics in the global GBS Sector together with case studies from companies based in SA
Investor information A simple to use fact sheet providing potential investors with relevant information about starting up a business in South Africa - this is complemented by more detailed investor related information on the BPESA and Government websites
Access to multi-media content promoting South Africa and the GBS Sector Access to videos about South Africa, the GBS Sector and other relevant content
Industry Policy Documentation Quick links, via the BPESA website, to key industry policy documents pertinent to the GBS Sector
Contribution and access to GBS Value Proposition and subsegment Value Propositions Contribution to the formulation and updates of the GBS national value proposition and sub-segment value propositions, as required, and access to the full document via the BPESA website
Representation in Quarterly Demand Forums Representation through BPESA regional representatives, city and regional economic development agencies and departments, and the dti - in the quarterly marketing forums
Marketing and events calendar An online calendar of relevant marketing activities and events for the year
Facilitated access to investment promotion trips and activities Administrative support, coordination and direct support with applying for and participating in government funded export promotion activities
Access to network of GBS analysts Access to a network of researchers, analysts, consultants and brokers in South Africa and the global source markets
BPESA newsletter Quarterly BPESA newsletters
Content contribution on BPESA website Posting relevant articles (such as case studies) on the BPESA website
Listing on Member Directory page Listing of company details and service offerings
News share via BPESA social platforms Share BPESA in the news and have your relevant news shared by BPESA on its social platforms
Website advertising SQ Qualified advertising of products and services on BPESA website
Dedicated webpage on BPESA website SQ Option to have a dedicated page on the website (additional costs)
Company videos profiled on BPESA website SQ Uploading of company videos on the website (additional costs)
Sponsorship and advertising opportunities SQ Opportunity to sponsor events with a range of corporate sponsorship packages (additional costs)
Contribution and access to GBS Skills Strategy Contribution to the formulation and updates of the GBS skills strategy, as required, and access to the full document via the BPESA website
Participation in quarterly Skills Forums and Technical Working Groups Participation in quarterly skills forums and related technical working groups
Participation in BPESA career EXPOs and promotion Participation in BPESA facilitated career expos
Knowledge sharing sessions Participation in knowledge sharing sessions facilitated by BPESA
Access to BPESA skills programmes Qualified access to government or 3rd party funded skills development programmes that are managed by BPESA
Master classes SQ Participation in master classes, facilitated by BPESA and run by subject matter experts within the GBS Sector
Participation in annual conference and awards Discounted participation in the BPESA GBS annual investor conference and awards
Access to industry networking opportunities Facilitated access to industry networking opportunities through CEO forums, stakeholder forums, solution exchanges and other such forums
Access to regional representatives Access to BPESA regional representatives for queries and support
Endorsement of relevant Industry standards BPESA endorsement of standards applicable to the GBS sector
Engagement and contribution to sector specific initiatives Facilitated contribution to policy changes where public opinion is sought (e.g.: YES initiative; Sector Specific Charter, PPGI, Presidential Youth Employment Initiative)
Access to BPESA affiliated industry associations Access to local and international industry bodies and associations that BPESA is affiliated to
Promotion of professional designations, continuous professional development, and career pathing with professional bodies Advisory support for the continuous professional development of company staff (e.g.: guidance as to events to attend, courses to do etc) and access to relevant Professional Bodies to support all GBS roles
Lobbying Government support Lobbying government support as required to continuously develop the sector and enhance business productivity and competitiveness
Support in accessing government incentives and investment support Facilitated support in accessing incentives and other forms of support from government at all levels

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