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Across the world, contact centres recognise the need for health and wellness investment to increase productivity and staff turnover. This is evident in the following facts:

  • Top Fortune 500 companies spend more on health and wellness than their profit
  • The Direct cost of absenteeism for South Africa are between R12 – R19 billion per annum
  • How to manage personal resilience remain one of the biggest employee wellness issues
  • There is a direct correlation between employee wellness and productivity in the workplace
  • The wellness industry is one of the fast growing industries globally with a huge trend to get back to basics, to look at old problems in a new way

Like all societies and organisations in the world, employees in the South Africa contact centre industry face the same daily pressures of dealing with personal issues affecting their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, such as stress and trauma. The question is how to empower companies with affordable strategic options and employees with practical information to make the right choices to balance a healthy lifestyle with a productive environment.

For more information on wellness in the workplace contact ian@bpesa.org.za.