Skills Supply Chain

Skills can be sourced and developed directly by employers (through their recruitment partners or their own HR departments) or via a federated supply chain made up of independent entities that collaborate to source, train, and coach and accredit work seekers on scale as they move into the BPS Sector for employment.

This supply chain is made up of the following role players, each with a key focus area and value adding contribution to the skills development process: For more information on how to access this supply chain in your province you can contact the BPeSA Human Capital Manager by email on

High Schools

  • To provide school leavers with the right level of foundational competence and specifically with suitable language, communication, problem solving, maths and computer literacy skills.
  • The industry can partner with select schools in each province to prepare willing students for a career in the BPS sector – these schools may offer more of an entrepreneurial flavour to their typical matric curriculum and can include specific modules that introduce the industry to the students.

Work Readiness Academies

  • Bridges the gap between school and the work place for students just leaving school and for the unemployed youth who have been out of school for a while without work.
  • Provides work seekers with exposure to the world of work, while also building their core life skills such as personal mastery, personal financial management, ethics, diversity management, and work ethic.
  • This exposure to work filters those suited to the industry from those who are not.
  • Prepares work seekers to take on a full or part time job in the Sector and assists them to be placed into their first job.


  • Provides the learner with a job, internship or learner-ship.
  • Provides role specific training.
  • Coaches and supports the learner in the workplace.
  • Manages their career development with them.

BPS Industry Academies and TVET Colleges

  • Provides the learner with curricula aligned to a career path in the BPS Sector.
  • Offers master classes, short courses, specialist skills training, and qualifications for all roles and levels up to Operations Manager.
  • Delivers training through multiple channels to cater for distance learning, self-managed learning, and classroom based facilitator led learning.

Universities and Business Schools

  • Provides tertiary education to the BPS Sector in the form of Batchelor’s and Master’s Degrees in related fields e.g.: Management; and specialist courses for key skills such as Analytics for MI Analysts.
  • Also provides Executive Leadership Training through global Leadership Programmes, tailored to the BPS Sector.