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Setting up Business in South Africa

South Africa prides itself on being a world class BPO/contact centre destination. For more information on the location and to access links that will assist you in your destination making process click here. Should you require more information on setting up business in South Africa, please contact us on / 021 427 2900.

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Investor Information on South Africa

One of the leading economies in Africa, with a well-developed infrastructure and established trade links with the rest of the continent, South Africa is a suitable base for servicing a global customer base, while also providing access to the rest of Africa.


Property Overview


Offices in South Africa are generally referenced as either “AAA” or “Premium” grade (Class A), “A” grade (Class B), “B” Grade and “C” Grade (Class C).

These can (currently) be explained as follows:

AAA or Premium Grade (Class A)
Rentals between R140 – R200/m2 p/m
A Grade (Class B)
Rentals between R90 – R140/m2 p/m
B Grade (Class C)
Rentals between R50 – R90/m2 p/m


Escalation on Rentals
Range is between 8% and 9% per annum compounded

Guide to Electricity Costs
R15 to R20 metre squared, per month based on normal working hours

Guide to Parking Costs
Parking bays R900 – R1300 per month in Cape Town CDB

These costs only provide a guideline on property costings in Cape Town. For more information contact the companies below:

Baker Street – Rental Costs
Maxigroup – Rental Costs

Additional information to follow shortly on KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Telecommunications Landscape

Immigration Regulations

Download the published Immigration Regulations from the Government Gazette.