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Human Capital and Skills Development Report

Learning and Development BPO Report (IQ Business, 2014)

NSDS III (Dept of Higher Education South Africa, 2011)

Pivotal Training (IQ Business, 2013)

Professional Body Policy (SAQA, 2012)

Roadshows (QCTO, 2013)

New SETA Grant Regulations 2013 (Services SETA, 2012)

SETA Landscape NSDS III (Services SETA, 2011)

SETA Skills Landscape 2015

Industry Skills Strategy (BPESA, 2011)

White paper for post-school education and training

Analysis of South Africa as a BPO Delivery Location

Developing Talent (SA BPO, 2010)

Immigration Regulations

2014 Key Indicator Report

2015 Key Indicator Report

2016 Key Indicator Report

South African BPO Value Proposition

South Africa LPO Report 2015

Maturing BPO Service Advantage (London School of Economics, 2013)

South Africa’s BPO Service Advantage Part 1 (London School of Economics, 2012)

South Africa’s BPO Service Advantage Part 2 (London School of Economics, 2012)

South African Economic Landscape

Amazon Case Study (Ovum, 2012)

Analyst Interview - Gareth Pritchard Interview (Ovum, 2012)