Stakeholder Group: Vendor
Nature Of Business: Information Technology, Technology
Region: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape
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Contact Number: 0218551551



CLEVVA is a technology company founded in 2011. Since its inception, it has received wide industry recognition for bringing innovation to the area of staff enablement (Top Innovation in South African Contact Centre Industry, BPeSA 2012; Top AI Innovation in Contact Centres, African Region, Frost & Sullivan 2017; High Impact Entrepreneurial Company, Endeavor 2013). The company currently operates through a partner network within South Africa, UK and Middle East.

CLEVVA is a software platform that lets you easily build and maintain digital experts that your staff and customrs can use to guide them through every required decision and action, in line with your company product, policy and procedure rules. And you always get a detailed compliance record to prove it.

CLEVVA aims to be the benchmark for intelligence augmentation of staff and customers, especially within the customer sales and service (customer experience) area.

While the goal of most AI technologies is to remove human involvement, CLEVVA’s goal is to make people more powerful and valuable. To achieve this, CLEVVA offers a software platform that allows business teams to rapidly capture expert logic, and then to maintain it when things change. By offering customers and staff access to real-time expert guidance, from the company website, bots, agent assist interface and web assist interface to mention a few, companies are able to focus on shaping a differentiating customer experience while maintaining a centralised platform for company decision making expertise.

Based over 12 years of experience in automated decision-making support within large South African organisations, CLEVVA’s executive team are confident that the CLEVVA platform is capable of allowing companies and people to thrive in environments of increasing complexity.