African Management Initiative

Stakeholder Group: Vendor
Nature Of Business: Education, Training
Region: Gauteng
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Contact Number: 0115682664




The African Management Initiative (AMI) helps businesses across Africa build motivated, productive and effective workforces through our unique learning and transformation programmes, delivered via web, mobile and in-person workshops. We work with managers and entrepreneurs on building key business management skills, and have partnerships with numerous organisations on work-readiness programmes for young people entering the workforce. To date, we have had over 25,000 managers, entrepreneurs and job-seekers take our programmes and courses.

More than just courses, AMI programmes are catalysts that can transform the day-to-day business practices of your organisation. Unlike traditional training, AMI uses experiential and action learning to get learners using tools and practicing new skills in real-time.

The focus is on getting people to adopt new habits and practices, and to apply them systematically with their teams. The results are
improved ownership, accountability, collaboration and performance. AMI has developed over 50 practical business modules – including over 3,000 tools – with Africa’s leading business schools and global experts on adult learning. Our world-class content is combined
with coaching, action-learning projects and networking tools to ensure that employees apply what they learn on the job and hold each other accountable to the highest standards of performance and responsibility.