Master Classes

While formulating the skills development strategy for BPESA in 2013, representatives of various BPO stakeholder groups met to identify critical skill issues and their priorities. In this session a number of specialist skills were identified as being critical to the development of the sector. These included the following roles:

  • Supervisors / Team Leaders
  • IT support staff
  • Trainers and Coaches
  • Quality Assurors
  • Work Force Managers
  • MI Analysts¬†

While there are broader-based interventions targeting agents (e.g.: Work Readiness Academies, BPESA Skills Supply chain Model, Monyetla Programme) , there are much fewer relevant interventions targeting the development of these skills.  The BPESA Human Capital team then took a view to start addressing these needs with 1 day Master Classes while more extensive programmes and qualifications are sought / developed in parallel.

The 1 day Master Classes are therefore aimed at building knowledge and skill for current and new practitioners in these respective fields. They are facilitated by subject matter experts who have a wealth of experience in their fields, using content that is both relevant and useful for purposes of take-outs from each course. Participants will be introduced to the latest knowledge and very useful tools and techniques to enhance their performance as practitioners in their respective fields.

The schedule of Master Classes, across all provinces, is published under the events section on the BPESA website and on the BPESA Skills Portal.