BPESA / dti GBS Jobs Report – Quarter 4 2018

BPESA / dti GBS Jobs Report – Quarter 4 2018

BPESA, together with the dti, take pleasure in producing the international Jobs Report for the 4th Quarter of 2018.

2,738 new international jobs were created between 1 October and 31 December 2018, keeping the rolling CAGR well above 20% for the year. The 4th Quarter’s result brings the total number of new jobs created in the export segment of the GBS Sector in 2018 to 11,167 of which 10% were hired inclusively.

These figures tell an important story about South Africa’s value proposition to the global sourcing markets, highlighting the country’s ability to sustain its growth rate over an extended period (almost five years now), doing so by complementing the traditional recruitment practices increasingly with impact sourcing. One key pillar of the South African GBS value proposition is the depth of talent amongst our youth. Their English language skills, ability to connect emotionally with customers, the way they take accountability for the outcome of each interaction and their intrinsic customer centricity distinguish South Africa from most competing English Language speaking GBS service delivery locations. Notably, South Africa was recognised for this strategic direction by the IAOP and Rockefeller when they awarded Harambee (in partnership with the dti and BPESA) the Impact Sourcing Influencer of the year in their annual conference held in Orlando last week.

The geographical distribution of the new jobs created in 2018 reflects the recent history of the GBS sector in South Africa, with Cape Town at the forefront of our export market expansion. Notably, Durban keeps growing its share of the market while the cities of East London and Port Elizabeth offer new growth potential.

All eyes and much effort is being focused on Johannesburg and Pretoria where the depth of skills in financial services, healthcare, legal services , IT and telecommunications offers international captives and outsourcers the opportunity to realise greater value in industries that are under big pressure to perform better with changing global market conditions.

South Africa is ready for growth at greater scale. For Real Value……….Think South Africa!!