South African Call Centre

About Us

BPESA operates both as a specialist investment promotion agency for business process outsourcing (including contact centres) and as a national trade association and networking body for the industry.

The mandate of BPESA is to create jobs. It does this by raising awareness of the industry’s potential internationally thereby assisting in attracting new investments. It achieves this by helping to create an enabling environment for investments to thrive and grow – developing the skills base, supporting SMEs, and providing linkages to national and regional government,¬†ensuring the implementation of pro-growth policies.

BPESA’s mission to promote job creation in the South Africa BPO industry. This is achieved through the promotion of:

  • Investment
  • Networking/Industry Development
  • Skills Development

We believe that these three strategies are the cornerstones of a growing, prosperous, and sustainable industry.

To find out more about our organisation why not contact us and find out how you can get more involved as a member.

The BPESA values what we stand for

What we do

BPESA promotes domestic and international contact centre and BPO investment into South Africa.

We provide information to and about the local industry

We act as a networking body and trade association

We provide investment facilitation

We are a liaison point between industry members and local, provincial and national governments

We co-ordinate training and skills development for the industry