2018 BPO & Contact Centre Industry Awards

2018 BPO & Contact Centre Industry Awards

The Contact Centre Industry of South Africa is much like a morphing Galaxy bound together by an invisible power: the desire to fulfill the needs of the Client and provide excellent service. There are many stars in this Galaxy, some shine more brightly than others, but all are fighting to excel in this ever moving celestial mass.

Every year the top performers of these stellar bodies, governed by the Professional Body of the Contact Centre Industry the Contact Centre Management Group, get together to celebrate excellence and incredible achievements within the Galaxy and to publicly acknowledge their Jedi Masters in the form of a spectacular Awards ceremony.


The CCMG/BPESA Contact Centre Industry Awards are the only industry-wide awards in South Africa. The prestigious professional Awards recognise the best of the best in the industry and set a benchmark for all Contact Centres and individuals to strive towards.

Entries are open from 1st April and close 31st May 2018. Judging of shortlisted entrants will take place in July, with the finalists being announced 8th August 2018.

Building on the success of the last six years, the CCMG aims to, once again, recognize excellence in the industry by rewarding individuals and organisations that have pushed boundaries, achieved immense growth and inspired others.

Just like Yoda told Luke at the start of their relationship “You must unlearn what you have learned.” And that is exactly what these extraordinary individuals and organisations have accomplished: they have left the conventional ways behind to embrace innovation, creative thinking and hard work. Their achievements are exceptional and deserve to be publicly acknowledged by the entire South African Contact Centre Industry.

The 2018 Industry Awards Gala Dinner, the platform on which the Awards are presented,  will surpass expectations in 2018 and by attracting over 550 top industry leaders and managers it evokes pride for the industry both locally and internationally.

Why Enter?

Winning an Award or even becoming a finalist has a significant career boosting effect: it proves to the entire Industry that you have the expertise and the skills to excel in your professional environment, whether as an individual or as part of a team. Granted, it is not easy to prepare for such a competition and every year the bar is raised higher: the South African Contact Centre Galaxy is full of strong candidates and high achievers and you must find a way to stand out of the crowd. However, the rewards are game changing for your professional career in the Contact Centre Industry.

Put yourself to the test: enter the 2018 Awards (link to Enter) and it could be YOU or your TEAM who walks away with the advantage of knowing that you have been highly rated by a panel of top industry experts that you otherwise would not have access to.


  • COMPARE YOURSELF: By entering the 2018 BPO and Contact Centre Industry Awards you can measure the strength of you entry against others in your category. Shortlisted and winning entries are promoted to all CCMG members, offering fantastic coverage. By participating you can demonstrate to your peers, your current and future customers, employees and competitors that you are a front-runner. 
    Our judges are some of the country’s most influential Contact Centre experts. Even if you don’t win, this is great way to make them aware of your work. 
    Entering the Awards is free, but it is priceless to see how you compare to the very best of the Industry in South Africa.


  • GROW IN YOUR PROFESSION: It’s always great to see the impact that gaining national recognition through Awards nomination or winning has on personal and team performance. Many award winners and even finalists are transformed by a new level of professional confidence and their careers accelerate due to this great achievement. 
    If you are a company, you will find that winning a corporate award will boost the pride and motivation of existing employees and that it will be easier to attract top quality people wanting to work for a high profile organization.


  • STAND OUT: What better way to make yourself or your business stand out than being an award winner in South Africa`s most prestigious, industry-wide Awards programme? 
    Don’t forget, that the Awards always create a buzz: people talk about it among themselves, in the press and on social media. The recognition carries far and wide and can put you or your team in the spotlight instantly. Use #CCMGAWARDS2018 to promote your nomination on Twitter.


  • MOTIVATE YOUR TEAM: Life is challenging in the industry right now as Contact Centre staff are under pressure and it can be hard to motivate your team of professionals – so let the Awards do that for you! 
    Boost team spirit by celebrating success together at the Award Ceremony and Dinner on 29 September 2018 in Cape Town. The Awards are a focal point which draws together those who are most interested in the Contact Centre Industry, providing an opportunity to meet, greet and network with people from other successful organizations.


  • RAISE YOUR PERSONAL OR COMPANY PROFILE: Winning a 2018 BPO and Contact Centre Industry Award is a newsworthy event and a catalyst for publicity and new business. Earn the right to use the official CCMG AWARDS winner logo and advertise your success to your clients and business partners via email, social media or newsletters. Being selected as a winner or finalist is a great achievement and a real opportunity to generate positive publicity for your business. 
    Furthermore, the Awards ceremony will expose you to over 550 leaders and influencers from a truly diverse mix of companies. During the ceremony there will be plenty of time to network in the allocated breaks and to share ideas with colleagues and new friends.

Awards Categories

Individual Awards:

  • Best Data Analyst
  • Best Workforce Planning (WFM) Professional
  • Best Contact Centre Trainer/Coach Professional
  • Best Contact Centre Collections Professional
  • Best Contact Centre Customer Service Professional
  • Best Contact Centre Sales Professional
  • Best Contact Centre Operational Manager
  • Best Contact Centre Supervisor
  • Best Sales Manager
  • Best Support Role (Back Office functions including HR, IT, Finance, Project Management)


Company Awards:

  • Best External Support (Vendor Category)
  • Best Technology Innovation (Internal & External)
  • Best Skills/People Innovation (Internal & External)
  • Best Domestic Captive Contact Centre
  • Best Domestic Outsourced Contact Centre
  • Best International Outsourced Contact Centre (Small/Medium)
  • Best International Outsourced Contact Centre (Large)
  • Best International Captive Contact Centre
  • Best Shared Services Centre
  • Best Impact Sourcing (Unemployed Skills Development)

Our Judges

  • Adam Walker – Webhelp – Head of Leadership & Organisational Development
  • Annie Padayachee – Smollan – Executive: Smollan Customer Interaction Centre
  • Nicola Jordaan – Genii Analytics – Chief Insights Officer
  • Michael Kwagdi – Woolworths Financial Services – Head: Collections
  • Jacques Jonker – Harambee – Head of Contact Centres
  • Melanie Hagan – CCI – Head of Operations
  • Mushfiq Hopkins – Zailab – Customer Success Team
  • Rogan Davies – O’Keefe & Swartz – Group CEO
  • Carlos Santana – CCI – HOD Skills Development

General Rules

  • The adjudication, management and presentation of awards will be at the sole discretion of the CCMG & BPESA judging panel and no correspondence or interaction with the industry association will be allowed.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • The adjudication panel must be granted access to the individual and shall be empowered to approach current employers for reference purposes.
  • Evidence of plagiarism or misrepresentation will result in disqualification and the entrant will be notified accordingly.
  • Late and/or incomplete entries will be disqualified and the entrant will be notified accordingly. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that all information is updated, and factual.
  • All judges will have an arms-length relationship with entries. Should a close association exist; the judge in question will recuse him/herself from judging the particular entry in question.
  • You may enter as many categories as you chose provided you complete the relevant entry form.
  • Winners will be announced in September 2018 at our annual awards banquet.
  • Winning entrants will be requested to represent the CCMG at post-competition functions.
  • The judges reserve the right not to make an award in any given category
  • Current and previous category winners will be legible to enter the same categories again
  • Individual categories with less than 10 entries will not be judged
  • Company categories with less than 3 entries will not be judged
  • All entries will require a digital signature/authorisation that confirms that the entrant has the support and necessary approval from the relevant authorities within the company
  • Please ensure that all information that is shared with the judging committee and as part of the judging process by the candidates, has been done so with the explicit authorisation and approval from the relevant company representatives/Managers